5 Promotional Gifts Your Clients Will Actually Use 

What is the use of going to the trouble of designing beautiful promotional gifts only for your clients to throw them into the back of their desk drawer and forget about their existence entirely? Ultimately, no matter how visually stunning your corporate gifts are they will not help you to achieve any of your marketing goals whatsoever if they are not useful in some way. 

Here are five promotional gifts that you can count on to always get the job done!

From pop sockets, charger cable sets, ear phones and arm bands to power adaptors, pouches, smartphone stands and holders, custom phone accessories will always be a worthwhile investment. Nowadays, everyone has a phone, so anybody who receives an accessory is likely to put it to good use. 

Who does not love to enjoy a delicious coffee on the go? Especially when it comes to professionals who probably worked half of the night! 

  • Eco-Friendly Tote Bags 

When you have countless documents to carry with you, along with your healthy packed lunch, laptop and notebook, a tote bag is sure to be a welcome gift. Eco-friendly tote bags, in particular, are even better than basic promotional tote bags as they show that your brand cares about the environment. This can give brand loyalty and reputation a boost in the right direction.

Effective time management and planning are essential in this day and age, which is why tangible calendars are still many a professional’s go-to. You can be sure that both wall calendars and desk calendars will be equally well-received. 

  • Promotional Stress Relievers 

Promotional stress relievers are every executive’s best friend. Plus, they now come in a wide range of interesting designs, from traditional stress balls to quirky stress cows, vans and guitars.


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