5 Tech Products That Make Great Corporate Gifts

A customised mouse pad is a common and effective corporate gift. It’s just one example of how branded, tech-related gifts can reach your customers and help promote and entrench your brand. Here are five great ideas for tech products that make excellent corporate gifts.

Customised Mouse Pad

As we already mentioned, a customised mouse pad is a great option for a corporate gift. They are very cost-effective, they provide a blank canvas for any logo or design you have in mind for your marketing strategy and they place your brand on your customer’s desk, under their eyes, throughout the working day. They can be fun and quirky or they can be more classy and elegant. The design is entirely up to you.

Custom Phone Accessories

Because mobile phones are such important parts of people’s daily lives, they offer tremendous opportunities for brand awareness. Gifting accessories such as earphones, chargers, or smartphone holders gives clients a useful item they can use regularly, with maximum brand exposure for you.

Branded USB Memory Sticks

Everybody needs memory sticks. There is always a document or two that needs to be saved and moved from one workstation to another. Like pens, USB sticks are items that everyone needs and never seem to have enough of. This makes these small, very useful items excellent options for corporate gifts.

Branded Powerbanks

When you’re out and about visiting clients or deeply involved in your business day, there is always the risk that the batteries in your mobile devices will die. This is especially frustrating, especially as you may find that there is nowhere for you to plug your device in. This is where a powerbank comes in very handy. Your clients will definitely thank you for it!

Branded Wireless Speakers

This is a really cool, fun gift for anyone who enjoys listening to music or who streams films on their laptops or mobile devices. There are many different designs available, offering many options for logos and branding.

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