5 Ways Promotional Gifts Build Your Brand

Promotional gifts are a fun and effective way of building your brand. The personalised pens, calendars or mouse pads that you give out to a customer or potential customer does more than you know to create awareness of your business. Not convinced? Well then, just look at these five advantages of promotional gifting:

  1. Your Brand Becomes Real and Tangible

With a promotional gift, you are literally putting your brand into people’s hands. This is a major step further than an ad in the media or a billboard. The recipient will be exposed to your brand every time they use the item you have given them. They may not always be fully conscious of the branding on their gift, but your logo and what it represents are planted indelibly in the backs of their minds and associated with something useful.

  • Gifts Create Constant Exposure and Awareness

In addition to the tangibility aspect, there is also the advantage of constant exposure. Your brand is always on someone’s wall, someone’s desk or in someone’s hand. That creates extended awareness – far more than any other advertising method. They literally can’t ignore your brand and, at the same time, this exposure is subtle and unobtrusive.

  • Your Brand “Grows Legs”

When you give out a personalised pens, for example, you have no idea where it could end up. We all know pens have a tendency to disappear. The person to whom you gift the personalised pen could visit a client and then leave it at their offices. A key decision maker at that firm then picks it up to sign a document and Presto! You’ve just reached a whole new market.

  • Active Branding Is Better than Passive

Why do promotional gifts fare better than business cards? Cards are also tangible? And, they are also placed into the hands of potential clients? The difference is that business cards are passive and can, therefore, be easily ignored. Many business cards simply are thrown away. Corporate gifts are an example of a more active form of marketing. The person can actually do something with your gift – it’s either useful or it’s fun. That makes far more of an impression than a simple business card.

  • Tailored, Targeted Marketing

There are many options available for corporate gifts, from pens to notebooks to umbrellas and sporting gear – you can put your brand on almost anything! This means that you can choose something that is properly suited to your target market’s wants and tastes. That will help you deepen your brand impact even further.

At Tara Slevin, we offer a variety of gifting options to help you reap all these benefits. Contact us and we will help you find the best one to suit your marketing campaign.