7 Great Ideas for Corporate Gifts this Festive Season 

As the festive season quickly approaches, brand managers and purchasing managers across the country are wondering what type of corporate gifts to give away this year. Here are 7 great ideas to help inspire a decision that is sure to appeal to your clients and remain true to your business! 

  • Custom Printed Mugs 

This is a firm favourite idea among all types of brands because it WORKS. Sometimes, simple is better. Plus, custom-printed mugs are the perfect opportunity to ensure that your brand stays top of mind at all times – every time your client enjoys a cuppa!

  • Custom Mobile Phone Accessories 

Mobile phone accessories will always be close at hand. So, if they are branded, your clients will constantly be reminded of your business and the many wonderful experiences that it has provided them with. 

This is a corporate gift that is incredibly useful and appeals strongly to professionals. It is also a slightly more generous gift that will certainly make an impression. 

  • Branded Pens 

Another simple gift, but it is always a winner. Branded pens are extremely budget-friendly, making them a top choice for businesses on a budget. 

  • Promotional Bags 

Whether you opt for classic cotton promotional bags or drawstring bags for people on the go, this particular gift is worth every cent. Not only are clients sure to love it, but they will also carry it around, exposing everyone around them to your brand, its logo and slogan. 

  • Branded Clothing 

Branded clothing works in the same way as promotional bags, garnering you as much attention as possible from clients and potential clients alike. 

  • Promotional Confectionery 

Who does not enjoy getting something tasty as a gift? That is the main reason why promotional confectionery is becoming one of our most popular corporate gifts this festive season. 

Regardless of which corporate gift you decide to give, you will find them all right here at the Tara Slevin Group. Contact us today for more information on our range.