Back to Work Packs for Employees

As lockdown restrictions slowly start to ease, and employees return to work, there is likely to be a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in the work place. Help to give your team the peace of mind and maximum protection with back to work packs for employees from Tara Slevin Group. Here is a breakdown of what you could include in your tailored COVID-19 prevention packs.

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is a crucial item to have upon returning to work. Encourage your employees to use it frequently, especially after touching any surfaces that are regularly used, such as doorknobs and light switches.

Desk wipes

The COVID-19 virus can survive on certain surfaces for some time. Its resilience is why employees need to keep wiping down their desks with anti-bacterial desk wipes.


Masks drastically reduce the risk of the virus spreading in the workplace. It should be company policy for employees to wear their masks the entire time that they are in the office.


Gloves provide an extra layer of protection for employees. Remember to tell them to change their gloves often and to still ensure that they do not touch their faces.

Coffee mugs

Before the virus hit, there were countless companies out there who issued generic, shared coffee mugs to their employees in the office. Now, it is vital that each employee has their own mug to avoid the possibility of spreading germs. We can brand these mugs based on your specifications if you would like to customise them.

Water bottles

Proper hydration plays a role in keeping your immune system functioning optimally. Plus, just as you do not want your employees to share coffee mugs, you do not want them to share glasses, either. These precautions are why the second component of our back to work packs is water bottles. Once again, we can brand these items upon request.

Contact Tara Slevin Group today for more details regarding our back to work packs for employees or to order your own.