Environmentally friendly and affordable, bamboo promotional products are on the rise! Tara Slevin Group has an ever-increasing range of beautiful bamboo promotional products. Learn about our products in this blog, as well as the hidden benefits of choosing bamboo promotional products for your business.

Electrical Bamboo Products

Eco-friendly bamboo is the perfect choice for electrical products. Not only does bamboo have environmental benefits, but it is a strong material, so you never have to worry about your electrical products becoming damaged. Whether you work for an IT company or are looking to hand out tech items to target a younger market, you can choose an electrical product made from a sustainable material to leave a lasting impression. Electrical bamboo products such as wireless speakers are also great for outdoor promotional events.

If you want your brand or company to stand out, try customising your electric products with your company’s logo. We have wireless speakers with bamboo covers, alarm clocks with bamboo casings, and bamboo powerbanks that can be customised for your business.


Kitchenware is a functional promotional gift choice. It can also be useful around the office or as gifts for your staff to help you to increase morale. Handing out bamboo kitchen items such as bamboo cheese boards can help you to promote the use of sustainable materials. You will also provide a thoughtful gift for your clients, customers, or potential customers, who are sure to appreciate your company for years to come.

Kitchenware is our specialty at the Tara Slevin Group. Our range of bamboo promotional items for the kitchen includes everything from bamboo boards and cutlery to bamboo storage boxes. As with most of our products, you can personalise the kitchenware with a logo or text of your choice to create a stunning and memorable gift.


Promotional bamboo pens are both functional and stylish. They are a beautiful and unique choice as a promotional gift for your staff, customers, or clients. Handing bamboo pens out at events or functions can help to highlight your company’s efforts towards sustainability. They can also be used as office displays or table displays.

Let us help you to personalise your pen with your logo or company’s name. Our bamboo pens are beautifully designed as promotional items to help your brand stand out from the competition.

The Benefits Of Bamboo Promotional Products

Choosing our bamboo items for your promotional products has many benefits, including:

  • Everyone loves helping to save the environment. You can attract your audience’s attention and grow a wider consumer base
  • Bamboo is safer for the environment as it’s 100% biodegradable. You can reduce plastic use and have peace of mind knowing you are choosing a product that will fully breakdown into the soil
  • Bamboo creates beautiful products. We use a laser engraving, sustainable ink-free technique that is not only good for the environment but creates a luxurious decorative effect
  • It is antibacterial and antifungal, which produces safer products for your consumers
  • Bamboo can be grown anywhere, and the manufacturing process creates jobs. When you choose bamboo products, you are helping the creation of jobs across the country
  • Bamboo is more durable than wood. It also doesn’t break easily (even when wet), which makes it a better product choice for your customers

Of course, the biggest benefit of bamboo products is that they’re highly customisable. Choosing customised bamboo promotional products will ensure your company or brand is on someone’s mind whenever they use the product. For added benefits, choose a product that they will use often, such as bamboo straws, pens, or spoons. Not only will they see your logo every time they pick an item up, but bamboo lasts a long time, which gives you ongoing marketing.

Order bamboo promotional products by browsing through our range, or contact us for more info!