As we all know, stress balls are one of the most relaxing promotional products you can get.  However, several other wonderful relaxing promotional products can also help to destress such as promotional coffee mugs, personalised pens, and the ever-important anti-stress power bank to prevent your phone, tablet, or laptop battery from dying in the middle of that all-important Zoom meeting.

Coffee mugs

Promotional coffee mugs are the perfect relaxing promotional product to help your customers and employees get through this tense and stressful time.  Add a fragrant chamomile tea bag or rich cappuccino sachet to finish off this perfect gift.  

Branded pens

During the COVID-19 pandemic, how often have you been required to use a pen to sign something and needed to sanitize the pen and your hands before and after use?  Well, a personalised business pen will solve that problem – the perfect gift for your customers and employees to keep in their pockets or handbags.

Anti-stress power banks 

Ever run out of power in the middle of a Zoom meeting or before sending that urgent email?  This problem is extremely stressful.  Should you gift your customers or employees with this very useful and relaxing promotional product, stressing over a battery will be something of the past.

Stress balls 

The spongy feeling of a stress ball will help your customers to relax, while at the same time promoting your brand. Stress balls are a relaxing promotional product and a fun giveaway for consumers of all ages, not only at the office but also at home and in schools.

Everyone loves a unique and relaxing promotional product, and these can be gifted to not only existing customers but also to potential customers and employees – stretching your brand name far and wide.  A stress ball, promotional coffee mug, personalised business pen, or power bank can be handed out during the year to Ad-Hoc customers, at a year-end function, or any event during the year.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity: your customers and employees will appreciate any of these thoughtful and relaxing promotional products to bring this very stressful year to a calm and relaxing close. Contact Tara Slevin Group for more information.