Boost brand awareness at events with the ideal promotional products. Choosing the products is always easier when you work with our team at Tara Slevin Group. Not only do we have a very large selection of products, but we also have 40 years of experience in choosing them! We want your company and brand to be remembered for its quality promotional items long after an event ends, and we share our thoughts on achieving this.

How Promotional Products Can Boost Brand Awareness at Events

Brand awareness is how users recognise your product or service by its name. How do you boost brand awareness at events? Give practical promotional items you sourced from Tara Slevin. Imagine a conference with hundreds of attendees wearing your branded lanyard around their necks and using your sponsored pens. Everyone will have a smartphone that needs to be recharged at some point. If your company sponsors several branded wireless chargers, attendees will see your logo often. 

Buyers at trade shows have a lot of promotional materials to carry around, including yours! Give them cotton tote bags that draw attention, and they might reuse the totes at home, creating additional exposure. Running event participants need to rehydrate regularly. Your branded promotional aluminium bottles give them a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic water bottles. Supporters and organisers will appreciate the branded gazebos and PVC ponchos protecting them from bad weather.

Benefits of Using Promotional Products at Events

One of the main benefits of using promotional products at events is increased brand awareness. People are more likely to focus on your advertisement or read your company’s social media posts after the event if they were exposed to your brand during a conference, workshop, or charitable race. When your promotional merchandise is useful and high quality, it creates subconscious goodwill. Event attendees might refer your product or service to others when needed. 

The purpose of a brand awareness campaign that utilises promotional items is to boost sales. How do event attendees learn more about your products or services? Direct them to your website by adding your web address or a QR code to the promotional products.

Examples of Successful Promotional Product Campaigns

The best examples of successful promotional product campaigns are sports teams. We had an exciting year at the Rugby World Cup 2023 and in the run-up to it. Although sponsors are not allowed to advertise on the tournament jerseys, there was no doubt who our team’s sponsors were during the run-up to the event. Just think of your family’s collection of soccer, rugby, golf, and hockey supporter jerseys and the sponsor logos appearing on them. Our team at Tara Slevin Group are experts at helping clients choose the best promotional products to boost brand awareness at events. 

Tips on Selecting the Right Promotional Products for Your Event

Increase brand awareness by selecting the right promotional products for your event. How do you know what to choose? The type of event is the main deciding factor. We previously mentioned what works at a running event or conference. Are you holding an early childhood development workshop? Multicoloured pens and teddy bear keyrings are great gifts for this market. Our second tip relates to the event’s theme. If sustainability is at its core, choose promotional products made with cotton, cork, or bamboo. 

Quality is our final tip. Bamboo, aluminium, or cork products are not suitable for some events. We understand the importance of finding quality products at affordable prices. That is why Tara Slevin Group offers a selection of lower-priced products by budget, from necessities to trendy new arrivals. 

Tara Slevin Group is an industry leader in the supply of branded promotional items for events. Our products will meet your company’s specific requirements and boost brand awareness, increasing sales. Contact us today to order!