Do you need help to brand your virtual event with a common theme? Creating a unique visual experience can be difficult for online events, but a common theme can help tie it all together. Here are a few of our top tips to successfully brand your upcoming online conference.

Brand your event with a theme to give it personality and purpose

One of the first areas you should focus on when developing your online event strategy is a theme. A dynamic theme will give people a reason to attend your event and provide them with a glimpse into what they can expect from your conference and your brand personality. There are a few basic steps to take into consideration when you develop your theme:

Choose a consistent theme

Brand cohesion plays a critical role in your brand theme. You can create this consistency by incorporating your brand logo in your event, marketing material, and promotional merchandise. Remember that any colours or messaging should extend throughout your theme to keep the vitality of a common thread. You should include your business values to develop a deeper connection with your audience. An easy way to incorporate these values is by adding a powerful tagline that will reflect your brand and resonate with your attendees. Ensure that your theme meets the expectations of people who have registered for your conference.

Create excitement with your theme

Branded promotional merchandise can create anticipation, elevate the event experience, and provide opportunities for audience engagement. Consider registration boxes, giveaways, prizes, and contests that will carry your theme. If you need to encourage people to attend your event, offer branded apparel or merchandise to the first people who register or refer someone to participate in the event. Here are more ideas on how you can broaden your theme:

  • You can include your theme and your brand’s logo on any giveaways (such as giveaway boxes or swag bags).
  • Keep the virtual elements of your online conference in mind. Your theme should be accurately reflected on your event’s landing page, using the same colours, messaging, and fonts. Consistency will assure event website visitors that they have come to the right place.
  • Think about the virtual environment. You can design a customised online background for all of your presenters and keynote speakers, including sponsor logos and signage. Attendees will appreciate the professionalism of this added effort, and it will benefit your branding.

Include giveaways in the box

A registration box provides a real opportunity to engage with your audience and to build a connection with them. Consider incorporating your brand’s theme in a customised box to send to attendees with tailored merchandise. Think about what your attendees might require during the conference and deliver branded items that will be of use. Should your budget allow it, you could also look at including branded apparel for all attendees to wear during your event. Such items will create a sense of unity among your audience and serve as a powerful brand activation tactic. Just be sure to confirm sizing with your attendees when they register for the event.

Do you need inspiration?

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We pride ourselves on successfully helping companies of any size to execute their dynamic branding requirements. If you would like us to help you brand your virtual event with a common theme, get in touch with us today.