Branded promotional products such as travel mugs and water bottles gift your customers in a way that welcomes them to the new, post-pandemic world with hope and optimism. While the emotional message will have tremendous impact, the item is practical and should be used regularly – reinforcing your brand each and every time. Talk about a win-win!

Although we have no idea of the timeline, or how linear it will be, it is not too soon to start planning your company’s marketing strategy. Top priority in an economy which has suffered the effects of COVID-19 is to re-engage with your old client base. From there you can work on attracting prospects and new customers.

Besides branded promotional products, there are various actions you can take to re-engage:

Plan the announcement that you are resuming operations via your website and social media. This is something we have all been looking forward to for a long time. Celebrate that you have survived! Share your joy and appreciation with the world and encourage them to give you their business.

Email your customer list. Not all your fans actively check your website. Make sure that your exciting news (above) is shared with everyone who has opted-in to your emailing list. Encourage them to forward the email to their friends, family, and colleagues.

Update your hours of operation on your Google My Business listing. Temporarily closing or limiting your trading was a heart-breaking moment. As the world resumes day-to-day activities, the hours you are open will be something that your customers will want to check.

Host a small event.  With proper precautions in place, naturally. People have experienced cabin-fever during the lockdown and are eager to mingle.

Reach out to your community. If you are fortunate to still be in business, show your gratitude by assisting those in need where you can.

Actively listen to customer feedback. Your customer really is king when it comes to finding out what their needs are post-COVID. Nothing feels as good as being heard.

If you are the brand manager or purchasing manager and would like more information on small branded promotional products and where to buy branded travel mugs or water bottles, please contact us now!