Because so much advertising has gone digital, tangible client gifts such as calendars help your organisation to stand out from the crowd. When deciding on a 2022 corporate calendar option for your business, understanding the types of promotional calendars available can help streamline the purchase process.

Wall Calendars

The advantage of a wall calendar is its size and consequential visibility. Offering space for taking notes and marking birthdays, important dates, and events, this type of branded calendar is a great way to encourage organisational efficiency as an entire team has a central quick glance view.

If you are using wall calendars as a giveaway item, you can choose a theme that mirrors the promotion. Alternatively, you can consult with the graphic designers at Tara Slevin Group and use your own graphics and logos for a custom calendar.

Memo Calendars

Similar in size to wall calendars, memo calendars provide a compact two months per page. Keep the recipients engaged every day of the week, every month with a visual reminder of your brand.

Desk Calendars

Help your customers and prospects organise life from the first day of the month with desktop calendars. Even if they keep it for personal use, displaying your business info to see every day is an efficient business promotion tool.

Bespoke Calendars

All of the calendars described above are great gift ideas and a monthly promotion of your company. While the uses of each calendar are similar, you can tweak the design to make tasks easier for everyday use with a bespoke calendar.

Our designers will help you create the right calendar for your needs – incorporating your logo, fonts, colours, and favourite photos. Use messages and graphics that prove your business is in tune with your patrons to nurture bonds and develop loyalty.

As we are nearly three-quarters of the way through this year, calendar orders for 2022 should be top of your mind. For high exposure at a low cost, calendars can’t be beat! Contact Tara Slevin Group today.