Each year, many businesses in Ireland rely on corporate diaries and corporate calendars to boost their marketing efforts. Purchasing managers, marketing and brand managers, and small business owners trust them to increase brand awareness every time the diary or calendar is used.

There are endless reasons why you should get branded diaries and calendars printed for your company each year. For the sake of brevity, here are our top four benefits of buying corporate calendars and diaries.

They Look Professional and Smart

Increasing awareness of your brand starts with strategic placement. If you would like to impress your customers, prospects, employees, and/ or suppliers, not much beats corporate diaries with your logo.

The smart, professional look of a branded diary or custom corporate calendar can be designed to match the voice of your brand – be that fun and adventurous or staider and more conservative. Whether used by your team, gifted to clients, or used as incentives, the key is a consistent, polished repetition of your visual branding.

They Give a Good First Impression to Clients

Various researchers disagree on whether first impressions are formed within a fraction of a second, 30 seconds, or somewhere in between. What all agree on, however, is that when forming a first impression, time is of the essence.

We humans are not quick to jump to conclusions because we are lazy. Rather, it is an adaptation to save us time and keep us safe. As laid out in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Blink”, we use a mental picture of someone to guess their “competence, confidence, and likability in less than a second. Researchers think this is a survival mechanism that we have developed to decide very quickly if someone is friend or foe.

Moreover, first impressions (no matter how accurate or not) are rather hard to change. It makes sense then to do all you can to positively impact prospects and new clients. By taking advantage of visual cues, you can enhance the perception you would like associated with your brand.

Corporate branded diaries give a first impression that your company is organised, on the ball, and therefore successful. Using a customised diary and promotional writing tools oozes conscientiousness and self-management, thereby increasing confidence in your business results.

They’re a Great Way to Get Your Brand Out There

Corporate wall calendars and corporate desk diaries have stood the test of time thanks to their longevity. Unlike business cards and flyers that all too often get thrown away after a while, a diary or a calendar is relevant for an entire year.

Not only do customised corporate diaries provide 365 days’ worth of advertising, but they are actively used on a regular basis. Every time it is used to write down an appointment or confirm a schedule, the user is reminded of your brand – entrenching it into their recall. Furthermore, when you choose diaries for corporate gifts, people surrounding the recipient may also be influenced to use your service or buy your products. What better way to ensure a lasting impression!

Employees Always Use Them

When your employees all use smart corporate diaries, it forms a well put-together identity in the public’s minds.

What’s more, providing staff with a branded diary keeps them focused on what the brand stands for. It also gives them a tool with which to manage their time and stay organised.

The use of a corporate diary gives them a professional image that has been shown to improve interpersonal relationships and increase the perception of reliability.

Tara Slevin Group is the leading supplier of promotional products in Ireland and is well positioned to service both large and small companies in the country. We have made it effortless to place your order for 2023 corporate diaries. Simply send us your details and logos and let our graphic designers do the rest. We are happy to tailor your design in any way that you require. For more information about the different corporate diaries and corporate calendar options available, be sure to get in touch with our team.