Have you considered corporate diaries as a promotional gift for your clients at the end of this year? The popularity of corporate gifting increases every year and comes with a wide range of benefits for businesses. Here’s why your next gift should be diaries.

Why Use Corporate Diaries for Marketing Purposes?

Corporate diaries give your brand longer business name exposure.  Diaries are usually kept and used for an entire year. Your brand is receiving daily exposure to the diary’s recipient for 365 days. People become very attached to their diaries – even in the digital age. People are turning back to paper diaries and love to keep these on their desks or in their briefcases and bags.

When using a paper diary, you do not have to worry about disappearing into a digital back-hole every time you check your reminders or schedule. Using a paper diary can also provide a daily respite from digital devices and save us from screen fatigue. Without alerts, notifications, tempting apps and browsers, we can focus better on the task at hand. Many people cite this as their reason for returning to good ol’ fashioned paper diaries.

Additionally, it has been proven that writing items by hand results in better retention and recall compared to typing. When you review the day, week, or month, planning by hand could help you to organise your ideas and goals more effectively – as well as remembering those vital appointments.

Because diaries help people to improve their time management, there is a positive association with them. The diary is our friend at work and in our private lives; it is the saviour of many relationships – both business and personal. This positive connotation makes corporate diaries with logos a very attractive option for corporate gifting. Your brand attaches itself to this helpful tool for an entire year when you choose to produce and distribute branded corporate diaries.

Why Should Companies Gift Corporate Diaries?

Everyone likes receiving a gift, especially when the gift is thoughtful and useful. Corporate gifts are influential relationship builders and are a great way to thank long-standing customers for their loyalty while adding a personal touch to business. The branded corporate diary also serves as a subtle reminder of your company’s products or services every day for a year as it takes pride of place on your client’s desk.

The longevity of this useful corporate gift adds to its cost-effectiveness. What would you pay for a daily TV advertisement or Google advertisement? And what guarantee is there that your intended audience will see it? Even compared to other corporate gifts, diaries present a viable pricing point for the exposure they offer. A diary could cost even less than a bottle of wine which the customer may enjoy thoroughly, but it is consumed far faster than the diary is.

You could consider taking this winning idea a step further with customised corporate diaries. Have your customer’s name printed on the diary to enhance that affinity between your brand and the lucky recipient of the gift.

With the abundance of available designs, diaries can be customised to suit your brand’s unique look and feel. There is virtually no limit to the creativity you can put into this gift item. Corporate desk diaries make great year-end gifts for employees too. They enable you to endorse your brand to employees and clients. The diary will stay with them for the entire year, constantly reminding them of you and your brand.

For decades, people have used their diaries to help organise their daily lives. Whether they are taking notes at business meetings to jotting down ideas, custom diaries are seldom out of sight. Consider commercial custom diaries for businesses or creative custom diaries for promotional events this year.

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