Promotional products are a great way to connect with your customers, reach new customers, incentivise engagement and spread brand awareness as you seek to increase your brand loyalty. 

You need to choose demographically-aligned items to use as promotional products and distribute them in a brand-aligned way to improve your business marketing strategy. Get that nailed down, and get creative!

The following creative ways to distribute promotional products can also augment advertising, increase sales, and elevate your brand while spreading brand awareness further.

Social Media  

Social media offers endless scope for brand awareness thanks to channels like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, among others. The many social media channels we have at our disposal today for B2C and B2B marketing are transforming the way we do business. They offer fast, easily digested content that can be liked and shared with very little effort. They also offer unprecedented opportunities for brand awareness, customer retention and customer-driven promotions. So why not include promotional product giveaways in this landscape? 

Distributing promotional products to influencers can significantly widen your pool of potential customers. Social media influencers can be brand ambassadors with large followings, or smaller followings within your target demographic. The right influencer can also help you reach new markets and elevate your brand through their personality, connections and social media profile.

Social media competitions are also a great way to distribute promotional products. A social media competition that includes branded items as giveaways or prizes have huge potential. Social media competitions that target your existing customer demographic as brand ambassadors by encouraging them to share the competition on their social media. Get your target market excited about winning – and you have invaluable free advertising.

Host a Competition

Competitions are a great way to engage current customers and get new customers. Hosting a competition opens up many opportunities to use promotional products as giveaways to encourage engagement and sharing. 

You can conduct a competition on social media, but you can also use social media to advertise a competition you are hosting on your website. Using social media to bring customers to your website for dedicated competition hosting will have the benefit of increasing traffic to your site, encouraging browsing, and more product exposure. It will also help to increase returning traffic and promote sales with landing pages and conversions. 

You can also host a competition ‘in person’, at an event, using social media and other channels to advertise it. Offer promotional item giveaways along with activities to incentivise attendance and help create a buzz – fun run, offering branded water bottle and T-shirt giveaways.  

Of course, this requires the promotional products being given away to be of a quality and type that will make people want to win them. It is also important that you make your competition exciting, fun and easy to enter and easy to share. 

Reward Programmes

Reward customer loyalty with branded promotional products. Loyal customers stay loyal when they feel appreciated. Reward programs are an ideal channel for distributing promotional products and turning loyal, happy customers who feel valued into brand ambassadors. 

Regular giveaways targeted to what you know your customers like, need and want will also go a long way to turning loyal customers into lifetime customers.

Promotional giveaways through reward programs are also an ideal vehicle for obtaining invaluable customer feedback for the future of your business.

Newsletter Subscriptions Gifts

Newsletters are a great way of advertising products, generating sales and increasing traffic and engagement. However, it is not always easy to get ‘email-overwhelmed’ customers or prospective customers to sign up.

Promotional giveaways can often make the difference when it comes to opt-ins for newsletter subscriptions. Regular giveaways can also keep people from unsubscribing and missing future email campaigns. 

Distributing promotional gifts as rewards for newsletter subscriptions is a low-cost investment in the future of your business and brand reach. 

You can get as creative as you like with promotional product giveaways. However, to ensure a good return on investment, you must define your target market and use customer feedback to choose the right items to use as promotional products. You need to brand products that existing and new customers will appreciate, find useful, and use in a way that increases your brand reach and brand awareness. 

It’s essential to choose the right promotional products for your marketing strategies. Call Tara Slevin today to discuss what promotional products your marketing team can use, and how to distribute them to maximise your brand’s reach and power – within marketing budgets.