Easynotes electrostatic notepads

Easynotes electrostatic notepads are the next generation of post-it notes, using only electrostatic charged paper that will stick to any surface and can be moved and reapplied to any other surface

Only €2.49 per pack of 50 sheets (based on 200 pieces)

Branding is included on the front and back of each pack of 50 which can also be a complete bespoke design

Contact Us today for a FREE visual or quotation on larger quantity's

Uses electrostatic force

We use “magical” properties of electrostatic charges in innovative way.



We prove it is time to put adhesive out to pasture! The future belongs to electrostatics.


Universal application

Put EasyNotes against anything you want! Wall, board or metal surfaces


Easy application

Relocate EasyNotes  without removing it from the surface!

Do not be scared to reapply many times.


Does not leave residue

EasyNotes cares about safety and cleanliness of substrate. No more adhesive residue!

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