Which are the most effective promotional gifts for 2022? Here’s a list to help you decide what promotional products work best for your company.

Best promotional products for 2022

Choosing a promotional item for your business? It is important to stay ahead of the curve to boost your brand exposure and stand out from competitors. Here are some popular promotional items.

Custom water bottles

Water bottles are essential for everyday use around the office as it reduces the time people spend walking up to purchase water or refill glasses. It is also perfect as a promotional gift if you’re trying to seal a deal with a fitness enthusiast or for office sporting events.

Tara Slevin Group has a range of water bottles that can be personalised for brand awareness, including bottles with a fruit infuser, stainless steel bottles, BPA- free plastic bottles, and even a wireless speaker bottle.

Custom hats

Branded hats are commonly used as promotional items for teams and events. Hats suit every individual and can be reused, which is what makes them popular among recipients. Let your team know that you appreciate them with a hat that has a company logo or offer a promotional hat during outdoor events.

Tara Slevin has custom hats, headwear, and caps that can be branded with a company’s logo or details. You can choose beanies during colder weather, hats for sunny weather, or sports hats for outdoor events.

Custom hand sanitizer

Due to the pandemic, hand sanitisers remain a popular promotional gift. Sanitser can be handed out as office promotional products or as gifts for your clients that stop by at the office. You can include them at your office events and seminars to help your attendees to keep safe while promoting your company.

Tara Slevin Group provides a range of promotional hand sanitisers that can be customised to promote your brand and keep your staff and customers safe.

Custom T-shirts

T-shirts are a classic promotional gift handed out at events, trade shows, and fairs. It continues to be a top choice for advertising a business.

Choose a custom t-shirt from Tara Slevin Group to hand out at any event to market your brand. You can also have custom t-shirts designed as staff uniforms to boost your brand visibility at events.

Custom Drinkware

Drinkware are not just popular around the office, but also as promotional gifts for existing and potential customers and clients.

The Tara Slevin Group has a range of drinkware for businesses to choose from including travel mugs, cups and glasses. Provide them to your clients or customers to keep your brand and products on their minds every time they use them, or use them as a freebie to let people know about your brand.

Custom promotional bags

Bags are a popular choice for promotional giveaways as they are both useful and provide exposure for brands. Customised bags can be used by your business as giveaway items for competitions or rewards.

Bags from the Tara Slevin Group are made from high-quality material that can be customised with your unique brand logo or company name.

Custom pens

Pens are still popular gifts even in the digital age. They offer sophistication and good marketing when they are customised with a company’s logo or contact details.

We provide a range of pens within your business’s budget that can be customised for giveaways, handed out at corporate events or promotional events, or used around the office.

Custom stress balls

Every successful business comes with a bit of stress. Custom stress balls provide a little de-stressing for your staff, clients, and customers while helping to promote your brand.

Our colourful range of promotional stress relievers can be branded to offer stress relief for everyone you hand it out to. We have a creative range available including anti-stress heart keyrings and anti-stress emoji stress balls.

Custom power banks

You can’t go wrong with power banks as promotional gift items. Power banks are always needed as they help users to charge their phones on the go. Custom power banks are great options for giveaways or promotional items for technology enthusiasts.

Some of the power banks we have available for customising include a bamboo power bank with a solar panel, power banks with keyrings, and power banks with wireless earbuds.

As you can see, there are plenty of promotional items choices available to your business. If you are looking for more effective promotional gifts for 2022, or gifts that are not included in this list, give us a call today!