• C1185Fabric Rectangular Tablecloth (229 x 366cm)

  • C3015Fabric Rectangular Tablecloth (178 x 366cm)

  • C1184Fabric Rectangular Tablecloth (178 x 275cm)

  • C1183Fabric Rectangular Tablecloth (178 x 229cm)

  • C1182Fabric Rectangular Tablecloth (138 x 275cm)

  • C1301Fabric Rectangular Tablecloth (138 x 229cm)

  • C1159Fabric Rectangular Tablecloth (138 x 178cm)

  • C1199Fabric Square Tablecloth (229 x 229cm)

  • C1197Fabric Square Tablecloth (178 x 178cm)

  • C1207Fabric Square Tablecloth (138 x 138cm)

  • C1192Fabric Square Tablecloth (115 x 115cm)

  • C1300Fabric Square Tablecloth (89 x 89cm)

  • C1206Fabric Round Tablecloth (328cm Diameter)

  • C1205Fabric Round Tablecloth (305cm Diameter)

  • C1204Fabric Round Tablecloth (275cm Diameter)

  • C1203Fabric Round Tablecloth (229cm Diameter)

  • C1201Fabric Round Tablecloth (178cm Diameter)

  • C1200Fabric Round Tablecloth (138cm Diameter)

Fabric Tablecloths

  • These custom printed tablecloths are a great way to dress your top table and fashion a professional impression of your company at your next show, conference or exhibition.

  • These table covers have a huge branding area and are printed in stunning full colour to make your brand stand out from the crowd!

  • Available in a wide range of colours to match your brand identity.

  • If you are a hotel or restaurant the elegance of these branded tablecloths will add a touch of class to your venue or event.

  • You can use them on so many occasions, as they can be machine washed at 40 degrees and re-used over and over making them cost effective for hotels, restaurants and exhibitors.

  • Made from 100% spun polyester 235g/m2

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