Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Gift Giving Etiquette


Corporate gift giving is not as simple as choosing something random and handing it out to all of your company’s clients. There is a certain amount of etiquette that every brand and purchasing manager should be aware of. Here is what you need to know: 



  • Choose Your Gift Wisely 


You should always dedicate a lot of thought to the type of corporate gift you give. It should always reflect back on your brand and, of course, appeal strongly to your client base. For example, custom printed USB drives would be great corporate gifts for a tech company to give, while custom sports water bottles would fit in well with a fitness-focused brand. The good news is that there are some corporate gifts that are more generic in nature, suiting most businesses. These include, amongst others, custom leather notebooks, promotional tote bags and branded pens. 



  • Personalise When Possible 


The more effort you put into personalising each gift, the more impressed your clients will be. It may cost a bit extra, but you can rest assured that the overall effect of the gift will be well worth the additional spend in the long run! 



  • Be sensitive 


Tempted to give a humorous gift? This can prove to be pretty risky unless you are very familiar with the client and have a good idea of their sense of humour. Remember, what one client may find hilarious, another may find extremely insulting. It is always better to be safe than sorry!


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