Your practice may not have contemplated healthcare promotional items in the past. But, considering that 83% of the public feel greater loyalty towards a brand from whom they received a promotional product, now is the time to do so!

With a range of public, voluntary and private providers, the Irish healthcare system ranks second in the 2022 World Index of Healthcare Innovation! One of the driving factors for this high ranking was the choice category. To encourage patients to choose you, your brand must be built to reflect expertise and safety on one hand, and trust and familiarity on the other. Not an easy task when you are competing in a deeply personal and high-stakes field.

Healthcare Promotional Items: Essentials for Medical Marketing

In the old days, you would grow your pool of patients simply through your reputation and geographic proximity. Nowadays, however, the public approaches healthcare in the same way as any other service. As well as thinking of them as patients, you need to regard them as consumers too.

As much as healthcare consumers are currently more empowered than they ever have been, there is still a traditional need for human connection. They do not actually want to switch providers, which accounts for the fact that satisfied patients are 28% less likely to do so. Increasing how customer-centric your business is gives you a competitive advantage.

Medical marketing products are an excellent way to make a great first impression and increase awareness of your brand.

Innovative Healthcare Promotional Ideas

Thanks to Dr Robert Cialdini’s principle of reciprocity, people automatically feel indebted to anyone who gives them a gift – even if they did not ask for it. It makes sense, then, that 75% of patients are more likely to support a practice that gave them a patient engagement product than another which they know equally well but who didn’t give them anything.

Looking at healthcare marketing trends, here is our top choice of innovative medical merchandise for 2024:

The secret to success lies in choosing items that promote a healthy way of life and are useful too. The more your healthcare industry giveaways are used, the greater their exposure to potential new patients.

Case Study: Healthcare Branding Done Right

Ensuring a good ROI on your promotional gifts starts with effective healthcare branding:

  • Consistent branding gives your practice a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Your healthcare branding differentiates your organisation from the competition.
  • Branding is an extension of the value you bring. Apply it on every touchpoint with the public.

In the UK, Well Pharmacy removed themselves from the complicated Co-Op hierarchy and rebranded as a standalone entity. Using a distinctive colour palette across all their visual assets, they reinforce their tagline, “NHS prescriptions delivered to your door, for free”. From their livery to their website, the straight-forward branding reminds consumers what they offer.

In the US, Medvantx is one of the largest independent pharmacy platforms in the U.S. They held a series of hands-on workshops with key internal stakeholders to clarify their positioning. From there, speed, innovation and patient experience stood out as their way of “Redefining Pharmacy”. Medvantax uses bold blue in a simple design indicating innovation. The X in their name shows a person and/or a pill – highlighting their commitment to supplying medication via a positive patient experience. This branding is consistently applied – from their vans and packaging to brochures and tote bags.

The creative team at Tara Slevin Group are experts at finding products that support your values while keeping recipients happy. Contact us for more information about our wide range of healthcare promotional items.