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Given the worldwide situation that is Covid-19, it is more than likely you’re reading this post as you are working from your home

and looking to find a height adjustable desk which allows you to stand at a stretch,

Have you ever wondered why working from home or office can sometimes be tiring and boring? It’s because you stay in one position for a long time.

This not only drains you mentally but physically. Sitting too much poses a severe risk to your health like diabetes, weight gain, heart failure,

among many other risks.

However, you don’t need to worry about this when you have a  sit-stand desk.

You will find many different reasons to purchase a height adjustable desk. However, they inspire you to become less inactive,

decrease the risk of disease, help decrease back pain, boost energy, enhance productivity, and even it has been proposed that they tend to help decrease anxiety and stress.

To ensure that you are comfortable, it is best to try to find a height adjustable desk so you can ensure the position of working is exactly perfect for you.

Electrically adjustable desk height, at the touch of a button. Includes collision detection and the ability to save preferred positions.

Alternating work posture between sitting and standing is an effective way to avoid back pain and other physical conditions.

The desk top is manufactured in Ireland, the Hettich Change Top Eco leg system is 100% German


Standard desktop dimensions: 1400 x 700 x 28mm (additional sizes available on request, 2-3 week lead time), The desktop can be ordered in white or grey

The Hettich legs system can be ordered in white or black, TUV tested and certified

Lifting weight max. 100kg with even load on the desk

2 LegaDrive Eco electrically telescoping lifting columns

2 Eco foot extensions, 715 mm

1 set of width adjustable Eco desk top support frames

1 Smartneo-2 electronic control unit

1 Smartneo EU mains power connection cable, length 3000 mm

1 Basic handset

Installation material / Installation instructions

height adjustable desks

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