Are you planning an online conference but not sure about how to brand your virtual event? Online events have skyrocketed since the unprecedented times ushered in by the global pandemic, which is why you need the best branding to help your event stand out. Virtual events come in several different forms, such as virtual conferences, online meetings, webinars, and seminars. Tara Slevin Group has decades of experience in providing promotional merchandise, and we can help you brand your virtual event.

Successfully branding a virtual event

One of the first factors to consider with your branding is ensuring that your event will be memorable and engaging. Just because your event is hosted online doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate an in-person conference or exceed attendees’ expectations. Online events have benefits that work to the advantage of marketing, such as much lower admission prices and a far broader reach.

With lower costs and potentially higher profit, you should try to pack an impressive punch with your branding and promotional gear.  It’s critical to have a cohesive and impactful brand statement for your online event if you want your attendees to “leave” your event satisfied with a greater connection to your brand. Here are a few easy tips to activate your branding at your upcoming online event.

Registration swag packs

Your attendees have registered for the event, and a few days or weeks later, a registration box is delivered to them. Your event and brand will start to build an impression with each individual from the moment they open or unwrap the gift box. It’s precisely for this reason that we recommend using premium gift boxes or bags with superior branding. You can include curated promotional merchandise such as apparel, mugs, the latest tech, and a comprehensive conference schedule.

Don’t forget that your social media marketing can also gain momentum through this process, so include your conference hashtag on a fun postcard and encourage attendees to share their unboxing experience on social media. Should you have additional sessions at your event, use this opportunity to give attendees the full instructions on how to sign up.

Speaker kits

Keynote speakers can have a hugely beneficial role to play in your branding. Send expertly curated speaker kits to your conference presenters and keynote speaker to ensure that your event branding is consistent and that your key players feel special. Think about anything your speakers might require to host and present your brand during the event successfully. You can create a customised background with your conference tagline and business logo to send each presenter to ensure consistency. Why not send branded high-quality ring lights, earphones, or USB microphones for them to look professional while they present? Have them wear branded apparel or customised name badges to activate your brand further. Your keynote speakers will appreciate these and connect with your brand whenever they use these products in the future.

VIP appreciation gifts

VIP boxes create an opportunity to build loyalty with your most valued guests. Instead of including generic promotional merchandise, truly take the time to curate a premium box of gifts that your influential guests will value. Customise these exclusive products to reflect your brand in a manner that will let these guests remember and refer others to your brand.

Contest giveaways

You’ll have to search long and hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy receiving a prize. Use contests as an added incentive to keep your attendees interested in participation and engagement during and after your event. Whether you choose to run live polls, quizzes, or award random prizes for engagement, these contests will keep your event exciting. You can think of parts of the conference you would like to receive feedback on for future reference or award prizes for referrals. It’s also another opportunity to extend your branded merchandise with your audience.

Should you need inspiration for your event, the Tara Slevin Group offers a handpicked collection of popular giveaways. We have been a trusted partner in building quality brands of any size in Ireland for more than 38 years and can do the same for your business. Contact us today for more information on our promotional products that can assist with the branding of your virtual event