Do you need pointers on how to market an event virtually? With a marked increase in digital events since the start of the global pandemic, most businesses have been forced to set their sights on virtual events instead of traditional conferences. Create your virtual marketing plan by following these tips.

How to build great event branding

Firstly, you need to create and define your brand identity and ensure that it translates into a theme for your online event. When doing this, think about what you could do to create a memorable event that spurs a connection with your attendees. Put creative effort into developing brand personality through combining your values, company culture, and the purpose of brand elements.

Create a strong brand recall

If your attendees can recognise all aspects of your event branding, you’ve succeeded at building your brand. Think carefully about the messaging you use for your online conference, which will leave a lasting impact on brand recall. The global uncertainty has provided an opportunity to speak to your audience on a deeper level. If you’re embracing messaging that inspires or evokes care, you’ll be hitting the spot.

Event landing page

Once you know who your target audience is and have achieved your event goals, it’s time to work on your event website. Your landing page serves two crucial functions:

  1. It provides a virtual event platform to entice people to sign up for your event by giving details of the conference. Your messaging plays an integral part in convincing people why they should invest their time and money in your event.
  2. It allows you to capture details of potential attendees. If they haven’t signed up for your event yet, use these details to encourage them to attend your event.

Build event branded email campaigns

Although this marketing strategy can easily be forgotten in the buzz of social media marketing, email campaigns remain one of the most effective marketing strategies. Your email contacts are a valuable asset that provides a direct line to people about your upcoming event or event updates. Should people not yet be aware of your event, exciting imagery and messaging should convince them that they need to attend your virtual conference.

Use social media

Social media plays a prominent role in promoting a digital event, as it will create hype around your event. If you don’t know where to start with translating your event to social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Create a designated hashtag for your event and encourage attendees to use it on social media
  • Plan content for the event by involving your event speakers. Whether you take photos of them in branded apparel or shoot a short video of them speaking about what to expect from your event, this content will stretch far and wide – especially when influential keynote speakers share the content on their social media profiles.
  • Stay active on social media throughout your event to swiftly address any questions or interact with engagement.
  • Visual content is a crucial aspect of successful social media marketing, so be sure to create exciting content that includes high-quality images and videos.

Increase awareness with paid advertising

Remember that although your target audience might already have registered for your event, there are more people who might be interested in attending. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have straightforward ad systems to promote your event at a cost that you can determine. You could also try to incorporate giveaways in your paid advertising to ensure that people won’t resist this tactic to increase your exposure.

Use an event app to brand the whole event experience

A professional event app can be an effective tool to further convey your brand identity before, during, and after your event. These apps usually include a feed for news and updates, an event schedule, more information on your speakers and presenters, and ads from your event sponsors.

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