Are you contemplating a work diary as your next corporate gift or promotional product? If so, you may want to share with your sales reps and others why your customers will appreciate it. 

Share with the recipients how using the work diary you give them can help their careers and personal lives.

After the last 18 months or so of living in the shadow of a pandemic, regaining and maintaining focus requires all the help available. Now that Ireland is gradually lifting restrictions, successful people are looking to the coming months with an optimistic frame of mind.

Increase Productivity By Being Mindful Of How Your Day-To-Day Is Spent

Whatever field you are in – from entrepreneurs and business owners to professionals and knowledge workers – time can easily fast-forward, leaving you wondering where it went.

Time management starts with clarity about your days’ activities. Using a diary to track what you do with your time gives you insights about how you can improve and streamline your use of time in the future.

Fun fact: Underestimating how long tasks take is a cognitive bias called planning fallacy.

Become More Self-Disciplined

Hands up if you think being an adult is overrated! With so many topics buzzing inside your head, is it any wonder many of us battle to stay on top of everything in our personal and career lives?

One best practice is to keep a hybrid work diary / personal diary that lists all your appointments and their venues, when submissions are due, deadlines, and so on. This gives you a visual reminder of what needs to be done when your energy or motivation starts to dip. Looking back at what you have achieved in a daily diary increases feelings of satisfaction. Combined, you get one of the best discipline management practices used by employees and CEOs alike.

Fun fact: Did you know that handwriting reminders offers better memory recall than using your laptop or other innovation platforms, thanks to engagement of your hippocampus.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Use promotional diaries as an excuse to communicate with your clients. Corporate gifting is a powerful way to:

  • Show existing customers how much you value their patronage
  • Remind prospects about your business
  • Stimulate your market share with a promotional incentive, or even
  • Reward conscientious employees.

It all boils down to confirm business relationships and underline personal connections.

Over 60% of organisations have a gifting budget. Criteria for successful use of the budget include value for money and impact. By buying your corporate work diaries in bulk from Tara Slevin Group, your unit cost is lowered for a great ROI. Presenting your recipients with something that offers all the benefits mentioned above proves that you care about their wellbeing on a personal level.

For recommendations on choosing the work diary that will help your career, get in touch with Tara Slevin Group today.