Being busy, busy, busy is not the same as being productive. With proper planning and tools such as calendars and diaries, you can put an end to overworking and halt the glorification of stress.

Do you feel that there is too much to do and too little time, leading to a lack of motivation and output?
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You are not alone! According to Forbes, “Burnout is on the rise. Over half (52%) of survey respondents are experiencing burnout in 2021 – up from the 43% who said the same in Indeed’s pre-Covid-19 survey”.

Why Planning Is Important

As trite as it sounds, solid planning is pivotal to business success. Without it, you will stumble towards your business goals, detouring via distractions, interruptions, multitasking, and other temptations.

Avoid all that anxiety by staying on the right path as laid out by your plan.

A Few Tips To Plan Effectively

Follow these tips for a strategic planning process:

  1. With your goals in mind, create a master list of all that needs to be done to achieve it.
  2. Now discard anything that is not necessary – activities that can be delegated, are “nice to do” but not essential etc.
  3. Having filtered out the important projects, compare the deadlines and the available time. Then repeat tip number two.
  4. Set priorities by picturing what are important tasks and what can wait.
  5. Break down bigger tasks into a series of doable action steps and schedule them into your planner. Ticking off each small, but important components of the grand project boosts your sense of accomplishment and re energises you.
  6. Be aware of your personal productivity levels and leverage your high-energy time slots for important work.
  7. Make it your mission to avoid multitasking. Strict single tasking is a crucial time management skill

Using Planners To Keep Track Of Tasks

Using planners such as corporate diaries and calendars will help you reach your productivity goals. Having a piece of paper gives you clear direction about what to do when. It also serves as a visual guide for what is already set up, and where there is time for time-sensitive projects, errands, and other unexpected activities.

Just as you find a quiet place to peruse your weekly schedule or daily planner, so your staff and your valued clients will appreciate the gift of a promotional calendar or diary.

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