Business diaries are a great way to boost your efficiency at work. Here is how to choose a work diary best suited to your professional needs.

Consider The Size And Design

The starry-eyed optimism with which we plot the next 365 days each New Year does not seem to fade!

For practical reasons, choose the right size for your recipients’ needs. Do not follow the latest Facebook trend but ask yourself how you envision they will be using your gifted diary.

If you picture it being carried on their person, a pocket diary (around 100 x 170 mm) or slim diary (approximately 82 x 158 mm) are most suitable. If the diary will stay on their desk, the weight of a medium (152 x 217 mm) / A5 diary or a  large (215 x 304 mm) / A4 diary will be no problem.

Make Sure The Layout Is Suited To Your Needs

Despite the increased use of mobile devices and desktop computers with planners such as Google Calendar and standard phone calendars, print isn’t dead!

The enduring popularity of paper planners and business diaries lies in their ability to be expressions of our work patterns. Central to that is selecting a diary layout that encourages your creativity.

While you can’t read your giftees’ minds, you can select the layout based on what works in your industry:

Do you like to see an overview of your month or week at a glance with a week to a page layout? Or do you find that overwhelming and prefer a day to a page layout? If you are only using your branded diary for appointments, how long should the appointment intervals be?

Is The Diary User Friendly?

One of the reasons paper diaries are still useful (and nowhere near obsolete) is the central location they provide to keep your receipts, appointment cards, note reminders and so on. Included in our diaries are pages of useful information, colourful maps, public transport routes, and more that make your life easier, more organized, and more productive!

Select a promotional diary as a marketing tool to increase your professional brand image. Contact Tara Slevin Group for the perfect work diary and other promotional accessories.