How to Make Corporate Gifting Effective for Your Business 

Corporate gifting is a wonderful way in which to make clients feel valued and to further promote your business. Not only will corporate gifts aid in ensuring that your company is always top of mind with regard to your already-existing clients, but they will also provide the opportunity for other people to be exposed to your brand. For example, your creative promotional keyrings are likely to be spotted by everyone in your client’s surroundings when they are out and about with their keys in hand.

Here are some helpful tips to help make corporate gifting effective for your business: 

  • Choose the Product Wisely 

As mentioned above, you will want to select a corporate gift that is likely to be noticed on a daily basis, not something that will sit around untouched in every client’s home. Clever options include branded clothing, umbrellas and bottles.

Paper promotional products, like note blocks and post-it pads, are great ideas if the main goal is to solidify client loyalty as the client will be exposed to your brand on a regular basis. 

What is it that you want the corporate gifts to achieve

  • Know Your Objective 

Client loyalty? An improved business reputation? Perhaps you want to launch new merchandise and are giving this merchandise away to gauge how clients react? Either way, your objective will dictate what type of corporate gift will be most appropriate. 

  • Make Sure the Gift Relates to Your Brand

While it is important to give something that your clients will love, you will also want to ensure that the gift relates to your business in some way. For example, a business that makes fitness supplements should not be giving promotional confectionery away as a corporate gift! A branded water bottle would be a much better choice. If in doubt, opt for a generic, yet useful gift idea, such as branded clothing, mugs and pens

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