A calendar can help you to organise your day and keep track of your schedule. Especially as we transition back to more traditional models of working – the move away from WFH to either full-time WFO or a blend of the two – the adjustment may be a shock to our systems!

If you are seeking ways to remain focused and productive, you can bet your clients are too. For this reason, what better corporate gift can you think of than a branded calendar?

Here are four top tips you can share with the recipients of your promotional calendar about using it to be organised at work:

1. Utilise Calendar Management Techniques

Start the calendar management process by choosing a style of calendar that is a good fit for its needs:

A wall calendar and memo calendars are best for visibility as they measure 433 mm x 315 mm (with a generous 60 x 290 mm area for your marketing message). Useful both at home and in your work environment as you can check a date at a glance without having to squint at your phone or computer.

As its name implies, a desk calendar is a conspicuous reminder of what’s on, fitting easily onto your desk at 160 mm x 280 mm or 170 mm x 110 mm for a PVC vinyl desk easel calendar. If surface space is a premium, opt for an A5 bespoke desk calendar and planner that measures 210 mm x 150 mm.

Know yourself, and block out time on your calendar for intense concentration periods, rest periods, and family time.

2. Use the Notes Section of Your Calendar

Depending on the layout of the promotional calendar you choose, somewhere on the page there will be space for you to note any extra info and reminders.

By keeping all your data in one place makes it easy for you, and everyone else, to keep track of appointments and other commitments.

3. Colour-Code Tasks and Projects

For productivity throughout your workday, design a streamlined system that uses colour coding as visual cues about what tasks and projects are coming up.

4. Organise Your Calendar Ahead of Time

Of course, even the most wonderfully designed bespoke calendars are no match for humans! To get the most out of your calendar gift, take a little time at the beginning of each month to set your goals, at the beginning of each week to plot your progress, and at the beginning of each day to keep yourself on track.

For more information on why calendars are a powerful promotional product, contact the creative team at Tara Slevin Group today!