Promotional items are excellent Christmas presents. Here’s how to use promotional gifts for Christmas marketing to some tactics you can use to ensure your gifts leave a lasting impression on your customers, clients, and employees. 

Eye-Catching Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts need to stand out from the crowd and be eye-catching to ensure that you stay on top of your customer’s minds, and attract potential customers. You can achieve this by choosing interesting products, creative designs, and good messages. 

Creative designs include high-quality print and beautiful artwork. Ensure you find a quality design and printing company to help you out (the Tara Slevin Group has experts that can help you out here). Promotional items should be made from high-quality material and the artwork should be from a good designer. Some interesting and useful items you can brand your company’s logo, graphics, and other important information include water bottles or notepads, t-shirts, or jackets. If you want to make your products eye-catching, try including interesting messages or motivational quotes. 

Select the Right Promotional Gift 

Thoughtful gifts increase customer loyalty and help the promotion of your products or service. Before you choose the right promotional product, determine your target audience and do some research over what attracts this market. Your products need to be in line with their values, your business, and interests. For example, a marketing company with designers and copywriters would appreciate notepads, pencils, and other stationery gifts for the holiday season. 

Which Promotional Items are Best?

The promotional items that work best for employees and clients should include an extra special touch to show appreciation. Items can include bags for work items, mugs, printed T-shirts, special gifts such as giveaways, gift bundles, or gift cards, and entries to win a prize. 

Gifts for customers or clients can include discounts for your products/services (along with a promotional gift). By choosing special offers and gifts, you can keep their business, as well as prevent competitors from luring them in.

To promote your products to potential customers, your business can give out basic promotional items to your contact lists, journalists, or people at events.

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