Drinkware such as branded bottles and mugs offer high brand visibility and appeal for businesses looking to find utility-based promotional items. According to the 2019 ASI Global Ad Impressions study, 78% of customers and 87% of baby boomers own promotional drinkware such as bottles and flasks. Tara Slevin outlines the various types of drinkware your business can use to promote your brand.

Sports bottles

Sports junkies or those who work out and visit the gym regularly always carry their trusted sports bottles to stay fresh and hydrated. Personalised sports bottles with brand names and logos provide excellent brand visibility wherever they are carried by your customers.

Metal bottles

Using screen printing or laser engraving, simple metal bottles can be turned into stunning and detailed promotional items. Add your logo, brand name or a catchy phrase to increase advertising opportunities and attract customers. Branded metal bottles are also environmentally-friendly, reusable, easily cleanable and durable, increasing lasting power with customers.

Plastic bottles

Everywhere you look today – handbags, backpacks or even pouches, you will notice a promotional plastic bottle. Cost-effective and easily customisable with various colours and shapes, plastic bottles are a highly popular promotional tool for businesses. Using eco-friendly plastic bottles that can be reused or easily recycled will enhance your reputation and create a favourable opinion in the minds of customers. 

Finally, customers will also appreciate these branded plastic bottles as they are lightweight and easily transportable.!


Who doesn’t love a good ol’ cup of Joe in the morning? Give your customers branded flasks that can hold their tea or coffee, sustaining them during those early morning drives to work. Tara Slevin has a range of stunning flasks in metal, Tritan plastic, aluminium, available with several features such as double walling and cork bases.  

For more information on our range of promotional bottles to increase brand visibility, contact Tara Slevin today!