Using promotional keyrings to increase your brands’ visibility is a must. Key rings are some of the most used items worldwide on a daily basis. A common way for companies to promote sales of their products or services and to improve their brand image is through the use of promotional products. Some of the most appreciated items are those which are economical, durable, and versatile. Here are three reasons why a promotional keyrings are ideal for increasing your brand’s visibility:

1. Keyrings will be used daily

The more your promotional product gets used, the more exposure and visibility your brand will achieve. Few household items are used as frequently and by such a large range of people as a key ring. From holding their house keys to their office keys, have your company logo placed on a key ring that your consumers will use daily to constantly remind them of your brand.

2. They can be used to make a strong connection

By using a key ring that is branded with your company logo or even in the shape of your company logo, users will easily connect that product with your company. Make sure that you choose a promotional keyring that reflects your company values through its color, quality, and the messages it sends.

3. Keyrings can be made to have multiple uses

While the obvious use for a keyring is to hold keys, customers will greatly appreciate those that serve an additional purpose. Many keyrings can be made to double as bottle openers, flashlights, or have a promotional USB flash drive attached. Additional features will provide higher value to your clients.

Take advantage of the small size and daily utility of promotional keyrings in your marketing plan to increase the visibility of your brand. The Tara Slevin Group was founded in 1982, initially supplying office stationery, but eventually diversified to include various promotional marketing products. We are proud members of Guaranteed Irish, and are well positioned to serve the needs of large and small companies alike.

For more information on how to increase your brand visibility with promotional keyrings, contact Tara Slevin Group today!