Keep your Brand Top of Mind with Desk Diaries and Calendars

When you are considering your options regarding promotional items, always turn your attention to desk diaries and calendars. There are several benefits associated with using desk diaries and calendars to help keep your brand top of mind. Firstly, both are cost-effective, especially when ordered in bulk. Secondly, they promise prolonged business name exposure because they provide a year’s worth of use. Thirdly, they can be easily branded and customised to suit your specifications and the personality of your business.

Below, we highlight how to order your bespoke desk diaries and calendars from Tara Slevin Group if you want to invest in this fool-proof promotional product.

The process

The desk diary and calendar creation process begins when you choose your colours, font, notes, and Bank Holidays. Your company logo and contact details will appear on a horizontal strip at the bottom of each page. You will also have the chance to include specific photographs and images on the right-hand side of each page – 12 in total, or one for each month. If you do not want to add custom images, we have a wealth of beautiful images for you to choose from, including Ireland location photos.

Other wonderful options include inspirational photographs accompanied by motivational quotes (you can select your favourites), wild animals, ocean views, dream machines and automobiles, and more. It all depends on how creative you want to be and which theme you think best matches your business and its offering.

If you would prefer something plain and straightforward, our commercial desk calendars are a great option to consider. They feature three months to view on one side and memo space on the reverse with an advert printed on each leaf.

For more information about creating custom desk calendars and diaries, or to place an order, please feel free to get in touch with the Tara Slevin Group team today!