Innovative marketers know the best ways to leverage social media for virtual events. What are the best ways to get the most possible coverage on the various platforms?

While there is value in paid advertising on all the social networks, you are doing your company or client a disservice if you are not taking advantage of what each platform offers users for no charge.

Take Advantage Of Organic Social Media Features

Each social network provides free tools that a marketer can use to build and interact with a social community. Using their core competencies to achieve your marketing goals just makes sense. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and especially for B2B marketing, LinkedIn do not charge for posting and you do not even need a license to use them. 

If you are not using these platforms to their maximum potential, you are missing out. The existence of these avenues has made communication so much more interesting and personalised so that you can reach your intended audience in a way that ensures success.

It is important to stay up to date with the upgrades and added features that these platforms produce. Research now shows that Instagram stories receive far more attention than posts of feeds so don’t ignore that added feature.

Pay Attention To Your Messaging

Do not be tempted to use the same post for various platforms; each platform has a nuanced audience and interface that should be tweaked for maximum impact.

Take an in-depth look at the demographics for the users of each of the platforms and know who you are speaking to. It is clear that Facebook is now seen as a way to reach GenX (and even Boomers) while GenZ and GenAlpha are now glued to other social media platforms like TikTok. Build attendee anticipation strategically.

There is a buzz about Clubhouse for virtual events, so look into that and do not get left behind. The app has its own unique features that could be exactly what you need for your virtual event.

Don’t Forget About Influencer Marketing

By using event participants as your event marketing partners, you can use their widespread influence to grow your virtual event participation.

The right influencers will build buzz around your event, which generates better engagement. Influencer marketing is the ultimate in bespoke messaging; use the perfect influencer to speak to potential attendees in a way that appeals to their specific interest.

Promotional products such as pens, notepads, and USB sticks, or even mugs, water bottles, and trusty t-shirts can form your brand’s signature collection and be included in your influencers’ online presence. Make sure to select the trendiest products so that your target audience is excited to earn them as giveaways.

Incorporate Paid Social Media Advertising

Users of a social media platform can generally spot the difference between paid and unpaid advertising. While people do not judge the use of the free (organic) features of the platform negatively, the use of paid advertising greatly enhances your event’s credibility.

Of course, don’t forget to have an event website or landing page where more detailed information is available. Social media bursts tend to be concise and specific, but you still need a location where attendees and other interested parties can go to search for more comprehensive information from registration to sponsorships and everything in between.

Implement Post-Event Promotion

After a successful online event, it is prudent to repackage and repurpose the content. You can use snippets of the event for promotion on many platforms to give the event and your promotion longevity.

People who missed your event will be able to catch up and will be less likely to miss another one when they see what they missed. Additionally, when you post a recording, people can conveniently skip to the part that interests them – perhaps a keynote speaker or a contest – and they will be pleased to use their time more sparingly.

Post-event surveys can provide insight into what worked and what you can improve on. Create the survey by asking strategic questions to find out what your online guests appreciated and where they feel the event needed improvement. In this way, you will deliver a better event in future and your guests will know they are being heard.

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