Once upon a time, Liam and Cian, both small business owners, got into a conversation about promotional products. On the advice of marketing and brand managers, Liam was excited about using company promotional items as part of his marketing mix. Cian, on the other hand, thought that promotional items for businesses only cut into his profit and wanted nothing to do with them.

Let’s see how this tale unfolds.

What Qualifies as a Promotional Product?

Everything that bears a company’s logo, name, tagline, and/ or phone number or website on it is classified as marketing items or promotional gifts. Business promo items are given away for free or at a very low cost in an effort to promote your company.

Typical examples of promotional goods range from pens, caps, and beach balls to power banks, water bottles, and shopping bags. Cian shook his head, stating that, “Branded umbrellas are way too expensive and fridge magnets are tacky.” Liam, however, understands that one size does not fit all. He appreciates that, “The best promo items are relevant to your industry and useful to the recipients.”

Drawing on his imagination and the guidance of the creative team at Tara Slevin Group, Liam has come up with some exciting, branded items and is combining them with modern advertising strategies to boost their effectiveness.

Why Do Customers Like Promotional Products?

Time went by, and brand awareness of Liam’s business steadily increased, while Cian refused to spend a cent on promo products. One evening they bumped into each other at the pub. “Tell me, Liam,” Cian said, “why do customers like promotional products?”

The answer to that is scientific, and all down to four elements of human nature:

  1. The principle of reciprocity reveals the inclination of people to want to do or give something in return when they receive something. When applied to marketing giveaways, this principle may result in the recipient feeling obliged to make a purchase from your business, or they may feel compelled to tell others about your product or service. To trigger a reciprocity response, the freebies must be eye-catching, practical, and applicable.
  1. A sense of accomplishment is elicited in the consumer when they receive a marketing item. It gives them a feeling that they have done something worthy to earn the item. No wonder a 2021 PPAI consumer study found that 94% of consumers said they like receiving promotional products.
  2. A sense of loyalty can be nurtured in clients, prospects, and staff. Again, select high-quality, useful promotional items as a reflection of your organisation. Thoughtfully chosen gifts are treasured and valued – and those attributes are projected onto the recipients’ perception of your company.
  3. Impressions averaging about 1,000 per month are garnered with promotional products. The longer the item is kept and used, the greater the number of impressions.

Increase the longevity of your gift by choosing something that is useful – three out of four consumers claimed to keep an item based on its usefulness. Select products that can be taken to meetings, worn outside of work, or used in busy places. That way, your brand is not only visible to the recipient, but also to everyone they come into contact with (physically or virtually.)

Why Promotional Products Are Worth the Investment

After much discussion, Cian was still not convinced that his business could afford to “splash out” on goods to give away for free. Liam tried to illustrate that promotional products are an investment rather than an expense.

  1. Brand awareness and recognition are vastly increased when prospects and existing customers have a constant reminder of your business in the form of a nifty gift.
  2. Exposure lasts long after you have recouped the cost of the promo products. Surveys reveal that more than half of consumers keep customised promotional products for up to 4 years.
  3. ROI better than that of business cards that all too often end up under a stationery tray in your desk drawer. Introduce your company, products, and/ or services with a quirky gift rather than a business card. Share your contact details or include a QR code or #hashtag to encourage social media engagement. Be as innovative as Liam – there is no limit!

Note: We regret to inform you that Cian’s small business became so obscure that he eventually had to close its doors.

As an Irish, family-run business with nearly 40 years of experience, Tara Slevin Group is the obvious choice as your promotional marketing products supplier. Take a leaf out of Liam’s book and contact us for more information on how we can help you choose the most effective marketing giveaways and promotional products. Our helpful team is waiting to hear from you!