Custom printing can transform your company’s presence by turning ordinary promotional products into canvases for your brand’s unique story.

Choosing the Right Printing Techniques

When it comes to custom printing, businesses like yours have a wide choice of techniques from which to choose. Each method is suited for specific items and offers its own advantages.

Whether you are looking to embroider laptop bags or laser engrave bamboo picture frames – or anything in between – we have a helpful guide to ensure you are well informed. You can also chat to our creative team to discuss the best printing technique for your selection of promotional items.

Mastering Colour Selection

Probably the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about custom logos is colour! In the design world, CMYK and RGB are two colour modes used for different purposes:

  1. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (which is black), used in printing. It creates colours by blending these inks, and you can see individual dots of these colours on printed materials.
  2. On the other hand, RGB, which stands for Red, Green, and Blue, is used for digital displays. It creates colours by varying the intensity and combination of red, green, and blue lights.

Additionally, Pantone publishes formula guides that specify the exact mix to accurately match a particular colour.

Now if this is making your head spin, don’t worry! The designers at Tara Slevin Group are on-hand to make certain that the colour that’s printed is the colour you want for your logo.

Design Strategies for Impact

Designing your custom logos is all about maximising its impact! But nothing ruins bespoke items than blurry or distorted printing. Therefore, to get the best results, the format you use must fit the job at hand.

  • Raster images are made up of a grid of tiny squares called pixels. The higher the pixel density, the sharper and more detailed the image. But that also means that resizing these pixel-based graphics changes their resolution – generally to the detriment of your image. (Hands up if you’ve ever cursed a pixelated enlargement.)
    Examples of raster images include photos and web graphics in file formats such as .jpeg, .gif, .png, .psd etc.
  • Vector images use mathematical equations to represent the lines and curves of the image. Because they are resolution independent, they can be scaled to any size without losing quality.
    Examples of vector images include logos and icons in file formats .pdf, .eps, .ai. and .svg.

The helpful team at Tara Slevin Group will happily help you through these technicalities that will make such a big difference to the visibility of your logo on promotional products such as torches, writing sets, and multi-tools.

Optimising for Various Promotional Products

At Tara Slevin Group, our custom printing services will assist you in making the right decision for whatever branded merchandise you want to use. It all boils down to optimising the printing for the circumstances. For instance, we have insight into overcoming concerns you may have about the following:

  • The colour of the fabric used in hoodies, t-shirts, caps, totes etc. can discolour your logo.
  • Clothing size differences may impact the appearance of your logo.
  • The curved surfaces of mugs, water bottles, and the like may distort your logo.
  • Plastic surfaces may be clear or opaque and the items vary in size considerably – both of which will affect the outcome.

On the flip side, we have a massive range of promotional products from which you can choose. This means that there is something suitable for whatever printing requirements you have.

Maximising Brand Visibility

So, you’re using an appropriate technique to print your colourful, high-res logo on a thoughtfully chosen article that your clients will love. But there is still one final step – maximising the impact of your custom printing!

Brand promotion = visibility.

Carefully plan the logo placement on branded products. Position your logo where it is easily noticed – especially as it is being used by the recipient. The more readily your logo is seen by customers and the greater public, the greater the exposure your brand receives.

Ensure that your branding won’t easily wear off or fade. Choose quality printing or embroidery techniques for long-lasting corporate gifts.

Trust Tara Slevin Group with your custom printing in Ireland. Get in touch with us for more information on making your logo pop on any promotional product.