Personalised promotional products are a powerful way to stand out from the approximately 7,000 marketing messages the average person will see each month. Instead of trying to be louder amongst all that noise, your business will succeed by being more relevant.

Why Personalisation Matters in Brand Engagement

Gone are the days when a message reading, “Dear Valued Client” did not raise eyebrows – in a negative way. Recent McKinsey & Company research found that 71% of consumers expect personalised interactions from the brands and companies they choose and 76% are annoyed when this does not happen. In a nutshell, whether it be your online interface or an in-person exchange, the public regard personalised customer engagement as the default standard in 2024.

Leveraging a personalisation marketing strategy strengthens the vital emotional connection between customers and your brand. It shows that you understand their individual needs and preferences.

Personalised Promotional Products: A Branding Game Changer

Using unique promotional gifts to make your clients feel special is a no-brainer: The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 94% of people enjoyed receiving giveaways.
  • More than 80% reported greater loyalty to a company that gave them a promotional product.
  • Three quarter of consumers would switch brands if they received a gift from one with whom they had not previously done business.
  • Three out of four recipients kept a promotional item because it is useful.

This last point highlights how you can maximise the impact of your promotional goods when you know what appeals to your target market. Thoughtfully selecting items that will engage those who receive them rests on you knowing what makes your customers tick.

The same McKinsey & Company study showed that consumers define personalisation as a brand’s investment in the relationship, not just the transaction. Considering that, can you think of a better way to demonstrate your understanding of people as individuals than with personalised promotional products?

Creating Unique Custom Branded Merchandise

As much as the recipients love and appreciate your gifts, custom brand merchandise is good for increasing awareness of your brand too. Again, the numbers are impressive:

That means that your investment in a corporate giveaway is a moving billboard displaying your logo that offers exceptional return on investment – especially in the long term. Take advantage of the lengthy exposure times by boldly branding your promotional items.

Showcasing Your Brand’s Commitment to Sustainability

Customisation in branding may also be done in a subtler way. With increasing awareness and action around being more environmentally friendly, so the need to distance your organisation from brandfill. In a recent Promotional Products Association International analysis of the outlook for 2024, one contributor noted, “one of the greatest opportunities in the next five years is likely to be the increased focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products.”

Add to that the fact that around half of consumers hold companies who distribute environmentally friendly promotional items in a higher esteem than others. Choosing sustainable goods shows you are not merely paying lip-service to Mother Nature.

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