Personalised Travel Mugs: Promotional Gifts for Coffee Lovers

A personalised travel mug is a great way to target a very specific niche. Coffee lovers are often fanatical about their favourite drink!

They not only have their favoured brands and varieties but usually also their favourite mugs.

Whether at the office or home, they have that one cup that is earmarked for them to enjoy their dose of hot bean juice.

How a Personalised Travel Mug Can Promote Your Brand

Something that not all coffee lovers have, is a personalised travel mug… Something to help them enjoy their coffee whether they’re on the move or at rest, and it keeps the drink warm too.

Because of the great utility that a coffee lover can get from such a gift, not to mention its ability to appeal to them on the basis of one of their favourite things,

a travel mug makes an excellent piece of targeted branding. The cup becomes an essential item that they take everywhere with them, which means they are also exposed (over an extended period) to the branding on it.

This not only creates brand awareness but also pleasant associations with that brand.

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