Planning an event in 2023? Event planning can be stressful, but our promotional products give you one less thing to worry about! Here’s a guide to help you choose the right promotional item for your next event.

Lanyards & Badges

If you have an upcoming event, these items should be first on your list! It’s easy to overlook how important lanyards and badges are when it comes to events. They help attendees to enter the venue, as well as help your staff with introductions and networking with potential customers and clients. When printing out names on lanyards and badges, always make sure you use an easy-to-read and large font so that people can read the words from across a room.

Tara Slevin Group has a wide range of lanyards and badges for your event. Choose from our variety of styles and colours available for your promotional event. You can personalise each product with your logo or font as required.

Interesting And Unique Pens

An interesting pen is a great promo item that you can give out to attendees as part of your marketing strategy. Apart from being useful to help attendees take down notes or jot down contact details at events, a personalised and stylish pen can keep your brand on top of their minds every time they use it.

Browse through the customisable and unique pens we have available from our promotional item list. You can customise pens with colourful logos and fonts to make them stand out. Hand out pens at your event or place them on tables as a thoughtful gift or eye-catching display for tables and booths.


Bags are the hidden gem behind event promotion. Document bags can be useful for your staff, and tote bags can be used to hand out event prizes and items to your guests. Customising these bags with your logo or company’s name can help your brand stand out at events. These are also promotional items that last a long time, ensuring that your attendees remember your company’s name long after the event is over.

We have a range of tote bags in multiple colours, as well as document bags, drawstring bags, and even paper bags that can be personalised for your event.


Don’t forget to add notebooks to your promotional product budget. Even though we live in a digital age, a notepad is still useful for events and conferences where attendees are likely to need to take down notes. Notebooks are also great items for staff and attendees to use for their day to day work.

Add your details to notebooks by selecting a customisable notebook from our range of promotional products. Adding a lovely design or message to the cover will help your company stand out every time someone opens the notebook.

A Pull-Up Banner

A banner is the most essential promotional product for your marketing budget. It helps your company’s visibility, especially if you are in a large room or attending an event with a lot of companies. You can even have attendees take a picture in front of your banner to create a memorable experience for them. Other ways you use a banner include:

  • As sectional banners for seating areas
  • As banner stands to help guests find your booth
  • To help deliver a message to attendees
  • To promote a new product or service that you are offering
  • As a grand opening gesture

To customise a banner, simply let us know the specs you require and send us your logo image or text. Our designers will design a mockup for you, which you can view and suggest changes to as needed. Be sure to order your banners in advance so we can get them to you in time for your event.

Contact Tara Slevin Group if you are planning an event in 2023!