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Looking for Promotional Products in Ireland? You're Home!

Updated: May 13

Do you want bespoke promotional products in Ireland to help promote your business? Tara Slevin Group is Ireland’s leading supplier of bespoke promotional and branded products, and is in a position to serve both small and large companies in Ireland.

Tara Slevin Group has earned and developed an unmatched reputation for providing a high level of service and outstanding attention to detail. This has helped us become one of the most reliable suppliers of bespoke promotional products in Ireland.

We have a diverse range of bespoke promotional products in Ireland, that can printed with the company’s logo and contact details, and this ranges from mugs, calendars and diaries, to USB drives, pens, clothing and golfing equipment.

Promotional products such as mugs, calendars, pens and USB drives are very popular for branding, as they can be used at home or in the workplace. All of these products can be printed with the brands logo and contact information, and can be used in their daily operations.

Having products branded with a businesses’ logo can be a fantastic advertising method, as it can be given to both new and existing customers that trade with the business. Whether they use the product in their home or in their workplace, they will be regularly reminded of the business and the products/services they offer. Other people surrounding the customer may also be influenced to use your service or purchase your goods, and this will therefore make it a worthwhile marketing investment. To see our range of promotional products, you can visit the Bespoke Promotional Products Ireland page.

As well as providing promotional products, we also provide an in-house design and print service. Our team can have your company’s logo and contact information printed onto business cards, letterheads, booklets and booklets.

Do you want to purchase bespoke promotional products in Ireland? Contact Tara Slevin Group, on 01 885 3702 or you can input all relevant information into the mandatory fields of our Enquiry Form, and one of the members of our customer service team will respond to the enquiry as soon as possible.

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