Do you need to promote your business further? Have you thought about printed calendars, that can be given to new and existing customers?

Tara Slevin Group is Ireland’s leading supplier of promotional, branded products. We are well positioned to service both small and large businesses in Ireland, and the products we supply can be gifted to customers in hope of promoting the business further.

Tara Promotional Products supplies printed calendars and diaries that can be printed with your company’s logo and contact details. You can gift these products to new and existing customers, where they will be used in the daily operations of the customer.

If its a desk calendar, the customer may have it in their kitchen or on their office desk. The calendar, printed with your brands logo, will remind them or your company and the products/services you offer. This may also promote the business to other people near the customer, whether its family members, friends or colleagues.

With our printed calendars, it will ensure that your clients and potential clients always have your logo and your message in front of them. To see our range of Tara calendars and diaries, you can visit our Printed Calendars and Diaries page.

The additional branded products we provide includes everything from pens, diaries and mugs, to clothing, USB drives and golfing equipment. Tara Slevin Group has earned and developed a fantastic reputation for our exceptionally high levels of customer service, as well as our attention to detail. The printed calendars and other promotional products has helped us become one of the most reliable suppliers in Ireland.

Do you need printed calendars for your business? Contact Tara Slevin Group on 01 885 3702 or you can input all relevant information into the required fields of our Contact Form, and one of our customer service team will look to respond to the enquiry as soon as possible.