Many people have noted how our sense of time distorted during the pandemic, making calendars all the more useful. Despite the increased use of mobile devices, print isn’t dead. Let’s take a look at how primitive calendars are far from obsolete and definitely still useful

They Are Easier To View – No Small Screens And Tedious LogIns

Because we live in the digital age, you may wonder why anyone would need a printed calendar?

Using a Google calendar, standard phone calendar, or Facebook and other social media to be more productive and for reminders has been a recent trend. Yet, upon closer investigation, studies reveal that 78% of people still own paper calendars. While digital and paper planners can conveniently coexist, traditional calendars make it easier to stay more organised at a glance – no delaying log-ins required, miniature screens to squint at, or annoying beeps and alerts.

They Are Great Marketing Tools

You’ve heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”, and the corollary is true too. Keep your business at the forefront of your clients’ mind with a professional graphic reminder that you value their support all year round. The bonus is that an attention-grabbing calendar can be seen by a wider audience when proudly displayed in the recipient’s workspace.

Aside from the practical uses of calendars, they are one of the best gifts from a marketing point of view as they keep your brand visible to your patrons 365 days a year. Wall calendars, desk calendars, bespoke, and memo calendars are all effective marketing tools to set your brand apart in a competitive market.

Printed Calendars Can Be Personalised And Customised

Following on from the point above, a calendar is meant to be eye-catching. Making use of stunning imagery that echoes your brand image and personality creates a customised calendar that is a joy to behold as a respite from daily challenges.

Using Printed Calendars As Decorations

Generally speaking, the first calendar someone receives wins. Once it’s in place, there is not much need for another calendar. Unless, of course, the next calendar is a work of art!

Choose from a variety of exciting themes, or let our graphic designers work their magic with your logo and imagery.

As we start looking forward to a new year, why not take advantage of the enduring popularity of paper calendars and planners as marketing materials for your business?

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