What better marketing opportunity for Irish companies than a branded umbrella just in time for the two country-wide wettest months – December and January?

Brand managers, purchasing managers – here are just a few reasons why you should invest in corporate branded umbrellas:


Embrace the reason we are referred to as the Emerald Isle and spread your branding far and wide at the same time! Who knows, if the sun gets too harsh, an umbrella can also be used as UV protection.

When a branded product is handy and durable, it can be used for years and years to come – promoting your business all the while.


Because they are used all over the world, branded umbrellas can offer unlimited brand exposure. Because they are so frequently used, hundreds of people in different locations will see your promotional umbrellas – consider them as a powerful walking advertisement.

A lightweight, foldable umbrella can easily be carried in a gym bag, handbag, or laptop bag so that it is on hand when it starts raining in the park or on the streets. A golf umbrella is an essential item in every golfer’s bag.  


Let your imagination run wild and create an eye-catching design. Turn a boring necessity into a head-turning conversation starter. Who knew rainy days could be so much fun?

You get to choose the canvas on which you work your magic – the size, material, with or without vents, and background colour of the umbrella. From there you can decide how many panels will be printed, and how many colours (up to four) you want in your logo.

Don’t get caught in the rain 

As a family-run business from the Emerald Isle, Tara Slevin Group has over 38 years of experience and is the obvious choice as your corporate branded umbrella supplier. Contact us for more information on how we can help you choose the most effective promotional marketing products to make your customers happy.