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  • Top quality 70mm bamboo wooden golf tees printed one colour to your design. Best seller and great value, long enough tee for all drivers, exceptional value. Tees only sold in multiples of 500 tees. *Minimum order quantity: 500
  • Hole Cup Insert Durable rubber insert with epoxy resin dome, Fits all cups. *Minimum order quantity: 20
  • Putting Green Hole Collar insert Durable, vinyl wrap around cup, printed to your design which is ideal for a corporate golf day. *Minimum order quantity: 20
  • We can brand many different makes of Golf balls (or plain) and are perfect for that big Corporate golf day or as a Customer giveaway, All Golf Balls are packed into three ball card sleeves. *Minimum order quantity: 60 balls
  • Printed Titleist 1 Ball Box Allows you to package each golf ball in a unique box without the lead-time of a custom box and is able to accommodate one Titleist golf ball. Titleist logo only on the box, you're logo printed on the ball

    *Minimum order quantity: 144

  • Titleist Stock 2 Ball Box Features a window giving you the opportunity to showcase your logo on the ball and is able to accommodate (but does not include) two Titleist golf balls. Titleist logo only on the box, your logo on the golf balls

    *Minimum order quantity: 144

  • Golfer's quality nylon goody bag printed to your design, with a drawstring top and a clip for attachment to golf bag. *Minimum order quantity: 30
  • Great Value Goody Bag

    Golfer's polyester white goody bag printed full colour to your design, with a black drawstring cord top and a clip for attachment to golf bag includes ten wooden 70 mm white tees and three golf balls. Wilson Ultra Balls as standard but can upgrade to other balls at extra cost. Dimensions : W190mm x H200mm. Print area : 100mm x 100mm. Balls: 24.5mm diameter Tees: 40mm x 4mm

    *Minimum order quantity: 25

  • Ambassador Gift Box Luxury box containing a Trifold towel, an Original pitchmaster with 24mm ball marker and three Titleist DT TruFeel golf balls. Printed metal plaque - 55 x 25mm. Towel - embroidered to 10,000 stitches. Pitchmaster - 24 x 63mm. Ball marker - 22mm diameter. Dimensions: 175 x 265 x 50mm

    *Minimum order quantity: 30

  • Black and brushed aluminium finish which can accommodate, but does not include, three Pro V1 or Pro V1x custom golf balls. This product is printed on the lid of the tin and on the golf balls with your logo. Dimensions : 135mm diameter x 53mm height. Print Area : Golf Balls 24mm Diameter.

    *Minimum order quantity: 96 (24 dozen)

  • Kingsbarns Gift Box FSC certificate paper on card box. Card window box containing one Trafalgar Fork, two Forbes stud markers and three golf balls all printed to your design with six plain white 70mm tees. Wilson Ultra Balls as standard but can upgrade to other balls at extra cost. Mission of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the promotion of a environment friendly, social advancment and economically sustainable management of forests. Dimensions : 195mm x 145mm x 45mm. Print areas :- Golf balls : 24mm diameter. Fork : 14mm diameter. Markers : 22mm diameter.

    *Minimum order quantity: 25

  • Large stylish black window tin accommodating three golf balls, a Quad fork with a removable ball marker and a Monaco poker chip marker printed full colour to your design with five white 70mm golf tees printed one colour. Wilson Ultra Balls as standard but can upgrade to other balls at extra cost. Dimensions : 180mm x 110mm x 55mm. Print areas :- Golf balls : 24mm diameter. Marker and Poker Chip : 22.4mm diameter. Tees : 4mm x 40mm.

    *Minimum order quantity: 25

  • Original 5 panel Cap in Rip-Strip size adjuster. Pre-curved peak. *Minimum order quantity: 10
  • Teamwear competition Cap, Rip-Strip size adjuster, perfect for print and embroidery. Pre-curved peak. *Minimum order quantity: 10
  • Kildare Tee Wallet White polypropylene wallet containing the Newbridge magnetic fork with a detachable chrome ball marker and five plain wooden tees.The price includes a full colour print to the front of the wallet and also to the marker. Dimensions : 85mm x 60mm Print Areas : 60x 30mm Wallet : 60 x 30 mm Marker: 22mm diameter

    *Minimum order quantity: 50

  • One silver metal fork and one silver metal ball marker both printed to your design with three plain 54mm white wooden tees in a hinge box. *Minimum order quantity: 30
  • One metal fork and one metal marker both printed and domed to your design in a rubber tee bar with twelve plain white wooden tees, one plain pencil with an eraser and a silver chain for attachment to golf bag. *Minimum order quantity: 30
  • Stylish Bamboo Golf Fork provides ample print area for your logo. *Minimum order quantity: 100
  • Aluminium Golf Fork Aluminium golf divot tool with magnetic detachable ball marker. Keep the green in perfect condition with this divot tool made from aluminium. With this tool you can easily remove and hide ball marks on the green. This product can be eider laser engraved on the ball marker or 1-4 colour print on the fork tool   *Minimum order quantity: 25
  • Quad Magnetic Fork with a thumb recess for ease and a unique "push off four magnet" feature for removing the metal magnetic marker that is printed full colour to your design and domed. *Minimum order quantity: 25
  • Fusion Pitchmaster has an automatic retractable fork with an alignment magnetic marker printed full colour and domed. *Minimum order quantity: 30
  • Viper Pitchmaster The Black Viper Pitchmaster is an automatic retractable fork made from lightweight aluminium and accommodates a removable magnetic ball marker printed to your design. Also a large domed label on the rear of the fork printed to your design. Dimensions : 72mm X 30mm Print Area : Marker - 22mm diameter / fork - 60 x 24mm   *Minimum order quantity: 30
  • Atomic fork with rubberised grip and removable marker printed with a domed label. Available in 8 colours. Dimensions : 90mm high x 30mm wide. Print Area : 22mm diameter.

    *Minimum order quantity: 30

  • Plastic Marker Quality white plastic marker printed full colour with your logo or design Dimensions : 24mm Diameter. Print Area : 20mm Diameter.

    *Minimum order quantity: 250

  • Embroidered Leather Scoremaster Superb genuine leather scorecard holder complete with embroidered logo to your design. Stroke allowance chart and pencil included. Fits card size 21cm x 15cm

    *Minimum order quantity: 25

  • Durable, padded leatherette scorecard holder printed and domed to your design, with a plain pencil and handicap chart. *Minimum order quantity: 30
  • Harrogate PVC Scorecard Holder Best selling golfer's Rigid PVC scorecard holder printed to your design to two colours maximum with a card handicap chart and a plain pencil. Dimensions : 163mm x 100mm. Print Area : 140mm x 80mm.   *Minimum order quantity: 50
  • Bamboo Tee Pencil Stylish tee pencil provides ample print area for your logo. Dimensions : 80mm long. Print Area : 50mm x 5mm.

    *Minimum order quantity: 100

  • Golfer's Wooden Pencil with an Eraser Handy size, half length golfer's pencil printed one colour print to your design with an eraser. Dimensions : 85mm x 7mm. Print Area : 40mm x 6mm. *Available in one colour print only.   *Minimum order quantity: 100
  • Brodick Bag Tag

    High quality rigid black plastic bag tag printed and a flat label or domed label at extra cost, to your design, with plastic strap. Dimensions : 65mm Dia x 2mm Deep. Print Area : 59.8mm Diameter.

    *Minimum order quantity: 25

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