• Cotton and polyamide.

• Light weight elastic bandages for fixation of dressings. Air-permeable. Light and soft.

• Construction when stretched: 19 threads/sq.cm.

• Stretched Length: 4m.

• Elongation: >100%.

• Approx. weight when stretched: 32g/sq.m.

• Individual wrapping in cellophane + shelf box + transport carton.


411-0014m x 4cm120560

411-0024m x 5cm120440

411-0034m x 6cm120400

411-0044m x 7cm120320

411-0054m x 8cm120280

411-0064m x 10cm120240

411-0074m x 12cm120200

411-0084m x 15cm120160

411-0094m x 20cm120120