In the current economic climate, corporate gifting is more important than ever, and one item that clients use more than any other gift is a pen.  Promotional pens are the ideal promotional gift because they are uniquely branded to illustrate your organisation in either a fun way or in a formal corporate manner.  Promotional pens are the easiest and most cost-effective way to advertise your company’s brand.

Promotional pens can be in the form of a formal corporate pen or a fun gimmicky pen.  They are affordable and versatile because they can be added to many other promotional products to amplify your reach.  There are a variety of promotional pens to suit every organisation’s needs, ensuring that all customers benefit from this unique gift.  Although small, promotional pens are viewed as powerful advertising tools which are not only affordable, but far-reaching as well.

Promotional pens do not only need to be given to existing customers, but also handed out at all events to advertise your brand name and encourage future business.  Have you ever seen the name on a branded business pen and been reminded of who you could call for a specific purpose?  Have you ever used a promotional pen that is branded and thought to yourself:  “I love this pen, it is such a clever idea”?  Promotional products that are bright and fun invoke positive emotions, and your uniquely branded promotional pen could do just that to your customers – and in turn, invite more business your way.

Uniquely branded promotional pens are the ideal hand out at any event – whether it is a formal occasion or a fun event, for small or large numbers.  Promotional pens can also be seen as the ideal Christmas gift or kept for any occasion at any time of year.  So, even though promotional pens have been used as corporate gifts for many years, they are still seen as one of the most versatile and successful branded promotional products on the market – the most cost-effective, fun, versatile, and useful corporate gift.

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