Let your customer know you are sweet on them with some personalised confectionery. From lollipops to tins of mints your company name will be what they see when they have treat! 
We have all types of Promotional Products at Tara Slevin Group but this confectionery collection is a very unique way to show off you Brand or Logo.

Promoting Your Brand “Sweetly” with

Promotional Confectionery

Everybody, whether a child or an adult, will love someone who is giving away free lollipops, mints and sweets. Branding some promotional confectionery and supplying it to your customers is a surefire way of raising the awareness of your brand. 


Get some personalised confectionery like chocolates, sweets, mints, jellies, marshmallows, chewing gum, and Lollipops from our selection of affordable promotional confectionery and brand them with your logo for that personalised touch.


Pick a selection of the confectionery you want, and we will brand them for you. You will not only be providing a sweet refreshment to your staff, customers or associates, but you will be exposing your brand to them as well. 


You can be sure to find a sublime promotional confectionery item (or even more than one!) that will be perfect for your particular occasion - even if you are on a tight budget. Take advantage of this great marketing opportunity and use it to grow your brand and image.  


Get plenty of product awareness and brand visibility by utilising our big selection of corporate confectionery items (such as mints for instance), all of which can be used in marketing various brands because they easily fit into any business context.

View or download our

complete range of Confectionery:

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Take Your Brand to the Next Level with

Branded Mints

Mints are one of the most-used refreshments in the world today. Whether during those long meetings, conferences and seminars, or simply as a needed refreshment after a meal, providing your promotional mints in these scenarios is a surefire way of promoting your brand. Everybody always appreciates a mint! 


Promotional confectionery is a marketing winner. It is hard to resist a good bar of chocolate, and the more your customers are happy with your personalised confectionery the more awareness your brand receives. It is a win-win situation. Offer the guests in your hotel a personalised mint post-meal - just to show that you care.

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