Marketers have long used sweets and other promotional confectionery as a strategy. Do such gifts and promotional products, genuinely work? To answer this question, we take a look into the pros and cons of promotional confectionery. 

Confectionery vs Promotional Items 

Promotional products are specifically branded with a brand name or logo. The goal behind promotional merchandise is to increase brand awareness and retain brand loyalty. Promotional items are also used as a corporate gift to express gratitude to employees and show appreciation to clients. 

Confectionery is an excellent sweet treat that can be displayed in the office and during events. Sweets are colourful, flavourful, and bright and some companies choose promotional confectionery to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

Pros and Cons

Should you add confectionery to your list of branded promotional items? Here are the pros and cons.


  • Giving away lollipops, chocolate bars and sweets at promotional events and tradeshows serves as an excellent marketing tactic to raise brand awareness. People love free items, especially sweets and chocolates.
  • You can add a personal touch to your confectionery like a slogan or motivational quote that will keep you on top of the customer’s or client’s mind. 
  • Providing branded confectionery to your staff gives them a quick refreshment and pick-me-up particularly on long days. It shows you appreciate the hard work and hours that they have put in for your business.
  • Confectionery is fairly affordable if you cannot spend a lot on promotional items. It allows you to promote your brand while saving on other marketing costs.
  • Everyone appreciates a mint, especially before a big meeting or conference. Adding your corporate logo to mints will boost your brand while helping people to stay fresh and confident.


  • Confectionery may not be suitable for certain businesses, for example, health or medical organisations as they tend to have high sugar content. In these cases, you can opt for sugar-free lollipops and mints.
  • Some professional offices may not appreciate colourful or childlike candy themes. You can use more classic branding, such as black and white, to appear more professional.
  • Wrappers can be messy and companies may not appreciate sweets covered in plastic all over their offices, especially eco-friendly businesses. A glass jar or eco-friendly paper can solve this problem.
  • Ants may be of concern if you leave sweets and chocolates around the office. A glass jar and good wrapping will help.

The Tara Slevin Group has a range of confectionery that is expertly wrapped, manufactured, and designed. From sweets, lollipops, and mints, we have confectionery that can be branded to suit your business needs and style. Our products are eco-friendly and we also have sugar-free options available. 

Give us a call for promotional confectionery for your business today!