Even with the meteoric rise of digital marketing, there are certain situations in which there is no substitute for in-person promotions, and branded promotional products to go with them. That being said, it is vital to carry out your promotional product marketing strategically and select your branded goods carefully. What are the best branded marketing products for your business and how do you go about choosing them? Here are some essential dos and don’ts in the sphere of product marketing, which will help you increase your chances of success in your next campaign. 

Use Products That Stand Out

Branded products can sometimes have a generic feel about them. When customers have visited several different vendors on the same day, one branded pen or T-shirt will look very much the same as the next one. You need to find the perfect balance between utility and distinctiveness. Think about your audience, the event and the season as you select your promotional items. A corporate setting might call for a cellphone charger, for example, while a less formal, outdoor event would better suit water bottles or tote bags.

Use Promotional Products That Draw People to You

It isn’t enough to have great promotional products to give out to your visitors at an expo or trade show. You need to choose items that will encourage them to keep engaging with you. Maybe you need to give out coupons for special discounts when they buy from your online store. You could also perhaps offer to give away a special item as an incentive for social media engagement.

Choose a Good Promotional Product Supplier

Choose your supplier carefully. Check the quality of their products, as well as their ability to understand your market and how their items will serve your audience. Read reviews and testimonials and pay close attention, not only to remarks about quality, but also about the supplier’s ability to meet deadlines and provide after-sale service.

Don’t Forget to Add Company Contact Details

If you give out branded products that don’t feature your contact details, you defeat the entire point of using promotional marketing at all! Make sure that each item contains some way of getting in contact with you, whether that is a phone number, email address, social media handle, or website URL.

Don’t Use Bad Quality Prints or Graphics

Focus on creating items that look good. Your audience will make snap judgments about your brand on the basis of that initial impression. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can cut corners when it comes to design or the quality of your printing. Your products are representatives of your brand, so make sure they do it justice!

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