Integrating promotional products into your digital marketing strategy combines the real and online worlds inhabited by 21st Century consumers.

Synergizing Digital and Physical Marketing

Digital marketing occurs across social media, email, search engines, websites, ads, and more. The incremental goals include:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Generating qualified leads
  • Building brand awareness and engagement
  • Encouraging conversions
  • Cultivating customer relationships
  • Gathering data and insights about customers
  • Improving SEO rankings
  • Expanding reach to new potential customers.

All these tactics aim to boost leads, sales, and customer loyalty.

If those goals sound familiar, it’s because the purpose of promotional items is to support sales, referrals, and devotion to your brand.

Integration of the two results in a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Digital Promotional Integration: Bridging Online and Offline Worlds

Because they aim to achieve the same results, incorporating tangible items into your digital marketing bridges the online and offline worlds.

Brand Awareness

Promotional products provide constant visual exposure for your brand as recipients use them. Social media marketing and online advertising are also needed to increase brand awareness. The more useful an item is, the more exposure you get. So choose things like caps, tote bags, and drinkware – all emblazoned with your logo and a QR code linking to your website.

Lead Generation

If you want users to visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, or take any other specific action, they will expect something in return! What better quid pro quo than tempting them with a branded giveaway item?

Customer Loyalty

90% of consumers say a gift with their purchase increases brand loyalty. Increase loyalty by gifting something that shows you care about the same things the recipients do, for example, eco-friendly or bamboo products and branded stress relievers.

Real-World Connections

In an increasingly digital world, physical items offer recipients something to touch and interact with. This makes your marketing feel more “real” and approachable. Take the “feels” further by selecting gifts that fulfil a physical need, such as umbrellas, waterproof bicycle saddle covers, fold-away ponchos or a beach tennis set, SPF, and caps.

Cost Effectiveness

Well-designed promotional products usually have high utility compared to their low costs per unit. This efficiency complements your broader digital tactics and allows marketing budgets to go further.

Online Marketing Merchandise: Tools for Web-based Brand Enhancement

The secret to an impactful omnichannel marketing experience is coherency between the brand image you build digitally and the impressions created through promotional giveaways.

When coordinated properly with digital marketing efforts, online marketing merchandise amplifies brand building and performance marketing outcomes. An excellent way to increase the crossover of marketing efforts is to custom print QR codes or social media icons on your giveaways to encourage organic traffic to your online presence.

Gather data and analytics on promotional item performance wherever possible.

E-commerce Strategies with Promotional Products

If yours is an e-commerce business, there are unique opportunities for you to bring your online marketing to life with physical promo items. Here are some e-commerce promotional strategies:

Customer Acquisition Giveaways

Offering free branded apparel, accessories, tech gadgets, and more generates leads, email signups, or app downloads. Special discount codes drive valuable conversions from promotional item recipients.

Content Incentives

Running contests, promotions, and referral programs using promotional products as rewards helps incentivize shares, tags, video submissions, and other branded content amplification online. Appealing to a digital audience, items like mouse mats, power banks, and mobile phones stand to fit the bill.

VIP Loyalty Building

Exclusive, members-only merchandise helps segment top existing buyers as VIPs. Special items validate membership status and engage people, building invaluable brand champions. Opt for luxurious promotional products such as high-end writing instruments or Japanese knife sets to befit this client category.

Packaging Upgrades

Investing in unboxing experiences with gift-wrapping, ribbons, tissue paper, and small branded items can pleasantly surprise customers and elevate perceptions.

Influencer Swag

Sending key influencers useful swag bags builds affinity and motivation to share your brand socially through unique promo codes and emblems. Match the giveaway with the recipient and make it easy for them to share their delight online.

The key is tying promotional items to specific e-commerce events, segments, and pathways to motivate actions that drive traffic, conversions, and loyalty for your online store. Palpable gifts make cyber experiences more substantial and memorable.

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