The best kinds of promotional products for B2B marketing campaigns are those that offer reusable convenience and high-quality good looks – all while saying something about who you are and how you value your business partners, clients and customers. 

Putting your logo on a freebie item that your corporate business partners and prospective customers will want to take home, use and re-use is a sure-fire way of extending brand visibility in the long term. 

Fun and practical items such as sports bags, golfing items, clothing and unique products are ideal for brand visibility and reach within a marketing campaign and beyond.

Boost your brand and business connections with the following promotional products for your next marketing campaign.

Colourful Sports Bags

Promotional bags are one of the most effective promotional products for B2C and B2B marketing campaigns. For good reason. Shopping bags offer a wide surface area for displaying your brand. Colourful sports bags offer plenty of visual impact for your brand awareness or marketing campaign. 

Branded sports bags offer advertising-on-the-move in a durable, daily-use promotional product with a proven track record for increasing brand visibility in the B2B environment.

Fun T-shirt Designs

T-shirts have never gone out of fashion as promotional products for marketing campaigns. T-shirts and other items of clothing can be excellent brand ambassadors. Colourful and fun promotional T-shirt designs offer a striking and attention-grabbing advertising platform along with mobile brand visibility. Out of all promotional clothing ranges, branded T-shirts offer the most popular and effective option.

Everyone wears T-shirts and they are exceptionally versatile. Fun -T-shirt designs can best communicate what your brand is about in a unique way while elevating brand visibility to any customer or client demographic. They can be given away as corporate gifts, at trade shows and conferences, to both current and prospective clients and their employees, suppliers – and anyone else in your trade area.

Unique Bamboo Promotional Products

Marketing campaigns that show eco-awareness and appeal to customers’ discernment of environmental issues often have the edge in today’s world. Eco-friendly bamboo promotional products offer unique, good-looking eco-conscious alternatives to plastic items we use every day. 

From phone charger docks to speaker covers, pens and flash-drive holders, lamps to flaks – home, kitchen-ware and self-care products, office supplies and more – all everyday use items – branded bamboo product giveaways offer a fun way to define your brand’s position on environmental matters when conducting B2B marketing campaigns.

Golf Products

They say that most business deals are done on the golf course. If that’s true in your industry, then there could be no better line of products for B2B marketing than promotional golf products. From golf balls to ball markers, umbrellas, towels, golf gloves and golf clothing, promotional golf products offer unparalleled and fun business branding.

Golfing promotional products offer high quality, fun promotional items that still appeal to the executive and the corporate business market – increasing brand visibility in a fun, relaxed manner, in the often business-oriented environment of the golf course.

Boost your Marketing Campaign With Tara Slevin Promotional Products

From colourful promotional sports bags to branded golf balls and golf gift boxes, T-shirts to bamboo promotional items and a huge range of items in many other product ranges, Tara Slevin offers a range of promotional products that are ideal for maximising brand visibility and awareness in B2B campaigns. High-quality items show Tara Slevin’s dedication to our business customers and our awareness of what works in B2B marketing. 

Need help with your B2B marketing campaign ideas? Call Tara Slevin today and let us help you take your next marketing campaign to the next level with our branded promotional products.