Even if your marketing budget is tight, there is no reason why you can’t plan and carry out a great promotional campaign, complete with branded products that suit your resources and do a great job of reaching your audience and promoting your brand. Here is a short guide to help you choose great promotional products on a budget. 

Determine Affordability

Start by considering your options. What items are out there, in what variations and at what prices? You will have a general idea of what you can spend, so peruse your product lists with your financial resources in mind. Draw up a wishlist of the items you would ideally want – and in what quantity. Add everything up to get to a rough total and see how this suits your bank account. 

Set a Budget

With a general idea about your needs and what you can afford, you can determine your budget. This figure might be more or less than the rough total you worked out before. Once the budget is set in place, adjust your wishlist accordingly. For example, if you wanted to order 500 quality shopping bags, perhaps you need to make do with 300, or opt for a cheaper but similar product if the quantity is not negotiable.

Find the Best Promotional Products to Suit Your Budget

Take a flexible approach to selecting your branded marketing products. You know you might have limitations imposed by your budget, and you have drawn up a wishlist in line with your marketing objectives. Now work out how you can bring the two together. For every item, choose a backup so that, if your first choice proves to be outside your capacity, you can easily select your second choice without feeling that you’re compromising too much. For some items, ask your supplier if they have a cheaper option – perhaps with a slightly different design or made with different materials – which can lower your costs while still meeting your needs. 

Choose Quality, Not Quantity

It is better to opt for a quality product and reduce your order numbers than it is to order lower-quality products in bulk. Remember that promotional campaigns are not necessarily about getting promotional items out to as many leads as possible, but rather giving out items that are an attractive representative of your brand. That being said, you should also speak to your supplier about the possibility of ordering in bulk – this can generate significant savings in some cases. 

Shop Tara Slevin’s Affordable Promotional Items

With your budget and needs in mind, come to Tara Slevin Group and take a look at our budget promotional product offerings. We have products to suit every marketing strategy and budget. If you order in bulk and well ahead of time, we can also provide you with some excellent savings to stretch your promotional products budget even further. Contact us for more information.